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Intuitive Coach. Consultant. Speaker.

Hi, I'm Vicki!

I believe each and everyone of us have amazing gifts to offer the world.

My intention is to help you realize how complex, amazing, and loving you are. You have a soul that wants the very best for you.

I’m here to help you, and high performing people like you, overcome life’s challenges by reconnecting you to your 1st sense, your own intuition.

While often overlooked, our intuition is the 1st sense we all came into this world with and serves as our soul’s “gps system.”

I serve my clients through private sessions, group coaching, classes and speaking engagements.

 It is my sincere pleasure to help you learn your gifts, harness them, and take them out to the world.

Featured Blog Posts

Spirituality Applied

Spirituality Applied

Spirituality…it's a big topic. It's obviously one close to my heart and soul and yours too, I imagine. Spirituality often gets confused because it can get pulled into religion and while all religions incorporate spirituality, spirituality itself can stand alone. It...

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What is your relationship to anger?

What is your relationship to anger?

What is your view of anger? Have you ever thought about it? What is your perception of the emotion and what role does it play in your life? I feel all of our emotions are valid, therefore, anger is very valid. I also feel like there's so much of it right now that...

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Communicating with Animals

Communicating with Animals

Don't we just love to love animals? In the animal world they have an intelligence that is greatly underestimated. I believe domestic animals are actually more evolved than we are because we take care of them! They have it figured out.  They are the thing that can...

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