Vicki Baird

Through the intuitive process, I am able to identify the thoughts and belief systems from life's experiences that are holding you back from: abundance, happiness and success.

I use my abilities to connect these thoughts and beliefs to the emotions that are most present; the ones creating feelings of being blocked, stuck, sad, frustrated, angry or defeated.

Then utilizing my coaching, Belief Re-patterning and other skills; we relieve these emotions by disarming and reshaping the thoughts, beliefs and patterns holding you back.

Together we create a solution to achieve what you both desire and deserve to have.

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Vicki Baird

Vicki's Quote of the Day

"I am accepting of others, I give that gift to me now."

Create your successful life's journey.

34 Depot Street, Suite 202
Pittsfield, MA 01201

(413) 499-9791