This morning while I was considering what to write I kept hearing this toot toot behind me. It was very playful and it sounded somewhat like a kids toy. I asked what was that about and felt it was to encourage myself to toot my own horn but not just mine, yours too! While it isn’t my job to toot someone else’s horn, I am quite good at it. As with most people I imagine, it is easier to talk of someone else’s skills, abilities and what they have to offer than my own.

When I am talking of someone else’s accomplishments both of the physical and spiritual I am quite prolific. Ask me to talk of mine and I used to downplay it and act like it’s nothing of what I have accomplished. Some of this came from feeling like it really hasn’t been that hard but when I look and really pay attention to where I was and where I am and where I am going, I have a strong urge to go Whooaaaaaa.  So I wondered, if I am willing to acknowledge it to self and can be reasonably comfortable stating it to others why couldn’t I toot my own horn, which by the way would be one that goes ahuuuuggggaaa, because it makes me giggle.

Toot with humility and you have a winning combination!

Some of it comes from my upbringing. I will always maintain that my parents did the best they could with what they had because the blame game doesn’t work in my world but that doesn’t mean I can’t look at it and be in awe of the progress I have made from that upbringing. In my world it was encouraged to read well, speak well, do for others but not act smart. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that is one of what I would call a whiplash message. It spins your head from left to right so fast it gives you a sore neck. Now, I take responsibility for believing that being smart would bother other people, but I can also acknowledge that that belief was just not based in truth.

So often what holds us back is stuck in those beliefs and we may not even be aware of what they are or where they come from. Or if we are, maybe we don’t want to look at it for fear it’s bigger than we think. It doesn’t really matter because the solution is the same; being willing to look and being willing to toot!

What beliefs are you hanging on to that you could release so you can root a toot toot with me? What voice do you hear in your head that isn’t yours? What messages did you receive that just don’t serve you any longer? It is ok to drop them and to allow the new messages to flow in. It really is and if you need help with this, feel free to call. It’s amazing to feel like you are in your own skin and that you have choice with life and I, for one, am going to not only toot that, I am going to sing it from the rafters! I am going to be the example of a smart person who looks for that next belief that can help her excel and love her life. Care to join me?

So, to get you started, try a few of these statements:

  • I am _______________
  • I love ______________
  • I giggle when _________
  • I want to _____________

See what comes up when you use these open ended statements. If nothing is there, that is ok, leave it for later and let it germinate in your being.

My answers today would be,

  • I am loving, funny, smart, charismatic, thoughtful, curious, industrious and enlightened.
  • I love the potential in life and in a person.
  • I giggle when I have a great one liner that is slightly ironic and hits the point.
  • I want to help people feel fantastic to their soul so that they will toot toot toot along with me in the band of life.

It’s not that hard and can lift your vibration significantly if you allow it to.

Your challenge for today…… tell someone else what is great about you. One thing, you can do it!