Have you ever pushed through challenges, frustration and held it together only to bump your head, toe or were unable to get a package open and end up losing your stuffing? That happened to me this week. June was a doozy. A real mix of amazing and, “Goodness, gracious, I’m really going to lose it!” pressure. Life happens that way sometimes. Normally I love a good challenge, but when there is a lot of movement happening and no movement (exercise because of the bum arm) happening, it turns out I lose some of my emotional management skills too!

I won’t bore you with the details but suffice it to say the first week of July was the end of my ability to hold it together. I did ok and made it to the second week of July before I bumped my head, with my reading glasses on, against the wall while putting items in a storage bin. Yup, it was all the picture of grace happening there but it did help. I said some words and let out a primal scream that if my condo wasn’t so well insulated, probably would have alerted the neighbors. It helped. It let off the pressure that had been building and I could admit that yes, I was at the end of my proverbial rope and couldn’t put a smile on and ignore the frustration I was feeling.

I shared this with someone close to me because by the next day, it was humorous to me. I mean, I screamed like a bad-arse ninja and was somewhat proud of that. All those singing lessons years ago have left me with good lungs I suppose! She shared that she felt I hadn’t dealt with all the emotions because I wasn’t still in a state of fear, anger or frustration. Now, I have never been someone who holds onto the anger. Why? What’s the point? I can hold my ground and be stubborn when I believe in something but holding on to anger only hurts me and doesn’t help anything resolve so it seems a waste of good energy but some people like it so I can see why she felt I didn’t give it a proper acknowledgment. I replied to her that we don’t have to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough. 

I really believe this. We are powerful, intelligent beings. We can see where the need for change is and shift that quite readily if we want. THIS is the key; IF we want. I always intend to learn as quickly as possible and to the highest intention of all involved. Sometimes I have to give it a couple goes but most of the time, I can hit the goal quite easily. Why? Because I work this shi*t! I don’t simply suggest to others how to live their most connected life, I friggin work it when there is an opportunity in my life to do so. I didn’t need to go for an Oscar simply because I was tired, scared, pushed to my limit for that day and unsure of what to do. I needed to let go of the pent up energy, do some rearranging of my neural pathways and formulate a game plan. I love a plan!

Because I have practiced this so often in the last decade and a half in my life, when stuff happens, it doesn’t have to break me down for me to listen anymore. Yes, there was a time when that was necessary for me to listen, but it doesn’t have to go there. We can all recognize the signs of tumbling and address it right there. You can do that too! Stop looking to win the “my life sucks” award and get your plan together.

My plan? Well, I looked at what I wasn’t doing (apologies to those I owe email responses to), and I looked at what I had accomplished over the month and quite frankly, it was a lot! I took some time to appreciate what I had been through and pat myself on the back. Then, I got my bike serviced, it may hurt to run still and there is no way I’m flipping a tire right now, but I could manage a bike, I turned off the tv and phone and caught up on some pleasure reading and I stocked my fridge with good food to reach for instead of crap that makes me feel like crap. That’s my plan and I’m implementing it, because that is where the breakthrough lives…in acting on the plan.

Do you let yourself get to the breakdown part before recognizing you could use a hug, a nap, a talk with a friend or a walk in the woods by yourself? Do you buy into the fallacy that there has to be histrionics in order for you to move through a block or frustration? How about we leave that drama for the llamas? Maybe you could use developing of your own personal skill sets and intuition to guide you through this process of building energy and releasing it. Perhaps join me for the first offering of Intuition: Your First Sense: Breakthrough! Embrace Your Wiring course starting this Thursday, July 11, at 7 pm!

Whatever you do, be kind to you. That is really important. You can do it. I know you can.