Do you realize how powerful you are? Do you know that you create your own experience, or life? When was the last time, if ever, that you stopped to consider the fact that the energy and emotions that you were putting into a situation were actually creating the outcome?
– Occasionally?
– Think about it but ignore it?
– Never?


Now would be a great time to give a little attention to what you would like to create in your own experience. I know it’s easy to blame circumstances, where you came from, what other people taught you, etc, but how does that feel? That is a way to stay stuck in your own misery or excuses and you are certainly welcome to remain there but if you want to see changes in your life, it’s time to start recognizing how amazingly gifted you are in energy.


If you aren’t familiar with the law of attraction, now is a good time to become so. If you are familiar, but perhaps ignore it because it seems easier to just stay in the track that you’re in, let me remind you that fighting the current isn’t an easier way to travel. All of us are magnets traveling around this universe attracting to us the people, circumstances, and experience that we need to grow as a soul and a person. The law of attraction is working whether you realize it is or not. That’s the wonderful thing about our universe, it keeps on trucking even when we decide to not pay attention.


So if you take a moment to think of yourself as a powerful being who can, and has, contributed to the bringing in of participants in your life, you can also start to to apply the intention of the people and experiences you would like to bring into your life. Since the law of attraction is happening anyway whether we are paying attention or not, doesn’t it make sense that it would be more collaborative and perhaps more fun if you paid attention and directed your energy towards those that you align with?


An example of this would be if you were complaining about the people in your life who only take from you and don’t want to help in return. This would be your attention to what isn’t working and perhaps what you don’t want in your life but are still bringing in because that is where your focus is. Energy flows where attention goes. The tricky part of that is the  attention isn’t always conscious. If you are complaining about someone or something, you are bringing it into your field and therefore creating more of a pull for it to come into your life. Annoying yes, but not all that difficult to change.


Yes, it does take effort to pay attention to where your stinking thinking and your emotions are. It also takes effort to be aware of what you would like in your life. One of the things I find frustrating is when people just want to complain and don’t want to change the situation or how they are interacting in their own world. I completely understand not knowing how to change something and needing help with that, and I’m happy to help shift a perspective or belief system, but once the information is there it boggles my mind that someone would want to stay and what they’ve just admitted they don’t like.


Sometimes the habits are so ingrained that until a new perspective is offered, the brain cannot see another way out. So ask yourself this, is there anything in your life that you would like to change? And if there is, did any of your own stinking thinking get you there? Do not judge this! You are simply taking inventory to see if your own point of attraction, or magnet, could use a tweaking. Once there is an awareness that change would be welcome, you can start to collaborate with the universe and be amazed by the way life can shift quickly.

A fantastic way to ascertain your point of attraction is to pay attention to your language. If you’ve ever taken a class with me, you know that I am a stickler for language. It’s not about saying things that are sugar coated. It is about choosing the words that are flowing in the direction you would like to go and then directing your energy there as well. So for this week, perhaps you can listen to your language, including the internal one, to see where your starting point is.


I will be teaching a class this weekend, the vision board creation class, that explains how we manifest both those circumstances that we don’t like so much and those that we would love to see. Perhaps if you find yourself interested in a subject matter and are willing to take the steps to open up to the possibility of brilliant creation, you will join us.


If that’s not a possibility or a desire, observe yourself and do a little introspection as well as take responsibility for where your life is.  Also know that we cannot manifest for others so if someone is having a difficult time or is in a pattern that isn’t serving them, we can support and perhaps help them know how powerful they are, but we cannot change their circumstances for them.


There is a beauty of being a soul having a human experience. We are all incredibly amazingly capable and it’s time we used our super powers.


Loving, and partnering with, the law of attraction, Vicki