This past week I saw a post from a friend in real life and on Facebook. She was announcing that she had just released a new book. It was very exciting to me because I think books are just amazing. I love learning, absorbing all kinds of knowledge, and being as curious as my soul was when it came into its human form. I also really appreciate her spirit and expressive manner. I knew she was working on another book but I wasn’t aware of it being released. As someone who loves to write, I am always amazed at those who pull all their stuff together and are able to put out a publication.

I found myself commenting on her page to celebrate the great news. The comment that came to my consciousness had me pausing for just a moment and really ended up being, not only relevant, but also mind opening for me. What I wrote to her was she is my career mentor.

While I do have a book out, I self-published and haven’t completed my second book yet so when I heard that, I asked myself what did my subconscious mean by saying that statement? (Asking questions of one’s subconscious is the key to knowing self.)

What I came up with was that while I may not be working directly with Heidi, I appreciate that she and all other authors share their knowledge and affirm to those of us who would LOVE to write for a living and enjoyment, that it is possible. I was so grateful to realize that my joy around her announcement was for her and my first response. Then I talked to the critic that came up and said “Vicki, you could have a second book out too if you put your butt in the chair and focused.” I spoke kindly to myself and with a little humor that yes, that is true but I haven’t exactly been sitting on the couch eating bon bons (Hello Podcasting land and online class development!) and watching shows on demand. (Ok, maybe a few episodes of House Hunters International, but that’s educational too!)

The statement I made to her post got me thinking about why I chose the word mentor. We know it to be someone who works directly with and encourages another to explore their most connected self. I don’t think this requires one to be in the presence of another though. When I think of some of those that have mentored me, they don’t even know they did as we have never met in person.

I devour copious amounts of information via podcasts, books, online articles, documentaries but most especially from watching people interact and how they navigate the world. I’ve been mentored by animals in my life and nature, by watching my friend and how he interacts with his buddies from Special Olympics and my grandchildren and their bravery in this world standing proud in who they are and how they are wired.

I’ve been mentored by those who were in their crossing process and no longer had any edit button of their own. I’ve been mentored by those who come to me for sessions and are so brave in revealing their innermost hurts and thoughts so we can work together in helping them find peace in their life. Just last week I was mentored by someone who desperately needed clean socks but wasn’t looking for anyone to buy them for him, or feel bad for him or to comment on the situation. I felt compelled to go by the socks and simply hand them to him with a smile. The energy I received in return, I promise you, guided me to a whole new level of appreciation for my life and for the kindness I saw in his eyes. I was the one who received there. And in that interaction, I know I was mentored by my own spirit to go beyond any hesitation of how it might be received and offer the simple gift of clean socks.

A mentor is a guide. A mentor does not need to be a person. It can be an experience that elevates our vibration. It can be a spirit guide, your passed loved ones, your God, a belief system of love. It is anything that allows you to question if where you are feels good or could you reach for more.

A mentor is someone that I believe we could all strive to be. We all have something to offer. We can all be an inspiration to others simply by living our life. When we live our life looking for the joy and the connection that’s available, being a mentor is right behind. I feel if we all hold respect for ourselves and an alignment with our spirit, being a guide will be a natural manifestation of this.

Have you ever considered being a mentor to yourself? If you’ve asked the question “ what am I to learn from this?” you have been a mentor to yourself. It may be time for you to listen to that mentor within and then perhaps see how you could share that with the world.

In a time where it seems everyone is clamouring to say “look at me, look at me” perhaps be the one that says “I look within me and locate the mentor, the guide to self and kind interactions with others.”

Mentor to the max with a humble heart and a humorous spirit!

P.S. Heidi’s book can be found on Amazon by clicking here or requesting at your favorite local book store if they are silly enough to not have it yet. Mentor their purchasing department!