You’ve heard people say, often in a defeatist way, what’s the point? What’s the point of starting something new? What’s the point of studying? What’s the point of moving off this couch? What’s the point in being happy now when I’ve been so miserable all this time? What’s the point in changing my work? What’s the point in listening to myself and not others who seem to know? What’s the point in trying?

Well…you. You’re the point. Your experience as a soul is the point. All of our souls came here to learn. They all felt like this was the best place to expand, to try, to apply, to get frustrated and try again, to excel beyond belief and to have a blast doing it. Oh, you’re not having a blast with this learning process? Why? What happened? Did you become unhooked from your soul’s knowing and forget that this Earth experience isn’t about pain, conflict, and turmoil? It happens. Reconnect.

Will those things happen? Absolutely they will, but they aren’t meant to be the standard of each day. When they are, it is an indication that you are out of alignment with that soul part of you and you have a little bit of amnesia about this process. It is all too easy to forget when events in life seem to take over or the focus is pointed in the wrong direction. It is so easy in fact, we all do it. We ALL get off our track and need a little calibration sometimes.

To be clear, you can’t get off your path. I hear all the time “am I on my path? The right path?” You can’t get off your path. There is no exit. There are bends and turns and choices, but you will remain, and perhaps change your path but you can’t get off of it no matter how much we may want to at times.

The point of learning is to help this traveling on the path to be more enjoyable. It is to listen to the calling of our soul to continue to learn. I am of the belief it does not matter what you are learning as long as you are engaged. You can study your favorite hobby, a new subject in schooling, spiritual process or the many uses of belly button lint (ok, that’s gross but it applies). It is the practice of learning that is so significant.

When I hear someone say they aren’t capable of taking on a new job, relationship,  a fitness goal or anything bigger than they are at now, I just don’t believe it. Sure, maybe you will need training and perhaps it will take a lot of practice if you want to learn an instrument, to fly, to create fine art, to hit a baseball, ask someone out, to blow the biggest bubble bum bubble (I’m good at this. I can help!) or to do a Spartan event. Whatever it is for you, you are capable. I promise you. You may be believing the blocks more than the truth at this time and that is ok. This is where you ask for help in navigating past the limiting belief system. This is where you admit you DON’T know everything and that is stinking EXCITING!

I’ve recently launched a class on this very subject because I saw so many people struggling with accepting their abilities and uniqueness. It is called BREAKTHROUGH! Embrace Your Wiring. (A new class is starting soon. Check it out!) The changes I saw in people when they followed the course and did the workbook was amazing. I had intended, and yes, even hoped it would have an impact and it seems to. YAY! Most importantly the participants have started to really appreciate who they are and how they are wired. That kind of feeling goes out into the world and not only helps them, but also those they come in contact with. How amazing is that?

Breakthroughs don’t have to include a breakdown. They can, but they don’t have to. The point of learning is to be aware of these blocks or conflicted energy and to know how to navigate them until they are no longer. Those skills build on each other and eventually one becomes excited about what they are witnessing in themselves. Curious to see how life could be wonderful with an occasional blip rather than the other way around. Because there are going to be blips. There just are. Learning to drive through them is such a powerful expression of life.

What have you intended to learn at this time when the kids are going back to school? They are brave enough to learn every day. Are you? Take a moment and be honest with yourself about what would be nice to BREAKTHROUGH! Then take one step, just one, in the direction of that insight. The point is you have to start somewhere, why not this moment?