At the end of every year I do an energy report for the upcoming one. It’s not meant to be predictive, but rather a temperature of the patterns emerging energetically and a tool to enhance your own practice and habits. When I sat down to tap into 2019 I felt like I wanted to type up; “Listen, the year will be whatever you put into it. It will return amazing dividends if you invest and if you move your buns to create the year you would like to experience. It will show you what you have put into the process and also what you have not if things are not changing or moving for you. It will be like any other year where you can talk about making changes, going to the gym, cleaning up your finances, going back to school, getting a different job or becoming emotionally intelligent so you can be in a relationship that works finally. There is no magic wand or year energy, you have to do it yourself.”

Well, ok then, there you go. I did type it up and it would make for a very short, but hopefully effective blog post. Then I paused a bit longer and said to my intuitive self “you can not leave it at that and call it an energy update.” Luckily, we both agreed on that point. It gets confusing over here on who is charge of these blog posts sometimes!

When we begin to leave the calendar year we are in, there is a shift of energy that happens. I believe some of it is led by the energy of people forgetting that they can make changes and start anew everyday but instead putting all that attention on the first of the new year. It creates a force of energy that then ushers in the new year and increases the message carried by the change in calendars. Not the paper or digital ones, but the energetic one.

So, as it happens, 2019 has the energy of accountability. Not that the year will be accountable to you, it won’t. It doesn’t owe you anything. The gift of this years energy is we will see directly how our beliefs, intentions and actions affect us and our lives. Now, there isn’t instant manifestation so it isn’t likely something will show up immediately, but the energy of “here is your issue, what will you do with it?” will help to propel those who want to be responsible for actions and probably annoy those that don’t.

If you want to clear up, honestly want to even if you don’t really know how (call me, I’ll help), the limiting beliefs and conditioned thinking that has you feeling like life just isn’t all you thought it could be, then you will appreciate the help and clarity that this year will bring. It won’t all be delivered by singing telegram, which is good because they are kind of annoying anyway, but the messages and lessons will be right there is you are willing to see, hear, feel, intuit, or read them. They may come in the form of friends turning out to be not so supportive and the message is you would do best to straighten out your energy to attract those into your life that can support you. It may be that you get some health scare and it boots your butt into taking care of you and you stick to it. It may be that your employer closes the business and what you think is the worst case scenario ends up being the best thing ever because you see it as an indication of change rather than through the lens of lack and panic.

If you are someone who tends to put their head under the sand or completely look the other way to not deal with issues or to avoid any kind of confrontation (which is usually just conversation we overdramatize to be confrontation), then you may not be a fan of 2019 as it will push the situations front and center so you have to deal with them. You could begin to develop the tools now to help you move forward with more of a sense of self and a knowing that dealing with issues and accountability actually feel REALLY good.

It may be that you vacillate between these two places depending on whomever is involved and that is completely normal and fine. Just don’t get stuck in the quicksand of no movement. Be honest with what you are feeling and ask yourself what you are responsible for and is there anything you can do to move your energy forward. That alone will be huge in this next year and will feel amazing once you get the hang of it.

We don’t have to wait for January 1st to come along and whatever the energy will be to change anything we are not aligning with or to enhance whatever could stand some growth. Start today and feel like a real go getter in the human soul combination deal you are rocking right now.

The beauty of accountability is it never goes out of style. You can wear it throughout your lifetime and it will continue to grow more attractive and have you be oh so appealing to others. You can’t buy it, but you can develop it. Get on that!