I had a whole other blog planned for today but I do believe that will have to wait a bit. It will be fine; it’s not perishable. What may be perishable is our view of ourselves when using slang and terms that are thought to be supportive but when one feels into the words, there is a whole other meaning in there.


One of my abilities is to actually feel the vibration of words. It can be incredibly fun and most of the time it is just that. Other times it is painful to me. Oh, it definitely comes in handy when I am working with someone and the key to the help I offer, so I wouldn’t trade it but sometimes I do wish there was a dial to turn it down a bit. Until people talk to themselves and others honestly, with intention and with love, this dial would come in handy.


I wonder if you realize how sensitive you are to words? I wonder if you have ever taken the time to feel what was being said to you or that you were saying to yourself? I wonder if you would be willing to take the time to be aware of your spoken and internal words for a bit to get a read on how it may be affecting you.


Growing up my mother used to say “what stupid SOB did this, or did that?” often. I remember clearly one day confessing that I was the stupid SOB who left the milk out on the counter. I didn’t think anything of it then but it obviously has stayed with me. Our mother was not a mean person. I don’t believe she thought any of us were stupid. She was in a habit of saying it and never bothered to be out of the habit. I asked her once when I was a teenager why she referred to my father that way if she didn’t really believe it. I got a blank stare from her. I expected to be told to watch my fresh mouth (you can probably surmise from my writings that I heard that a lot. Ha! ) but rather she said to me; “I don’t know Victoria. I really don’t know.” She only called me Victoria when I was in trouble and at the time I thought I had crossed yet another line with my questioning. I know now that she really didn’t know and was being pensive, not mad. I never heard her say it in my presence again after that. I can’t speak for my father as he may have!


This past year I have done a lot of soul and self searching in whom I believe myself to be. The idea that I wasn’t smart definitely came up and until recently, I didn’t realize this had a connection to the doubt I’ve had about my own intelligence. I would often be called smart mouth or told not to be “so smart” and I filed that deeply in my reticular activating system to use later in life to hold me back. Until I identified it and shifted it with Belief Re-patterning, a fabulous theracoach and trust in my soul self, it couldn’t shift.


Do you see how some words we see as innocent or funny or even a habit passed down could affect ones energy as well as their sense of self? I’m not suggesting that we become all sugar and sweet about what we are saying and take offense to every sentence. There is enough of that happening. I’m asking each person to become aware of what they say, how they say it and to whom they direct the communication; self included. Honesty is important and transparency is as well, but words that could be chosen differently, should be.


There has been slang as long as there have been humans, but maybe if we shift it now, we won’t have people describing things as killer when they mean amazing. What if we teach ourselves and kids to be supportive of our attributes and to show them vocabulary is more than a test taken in school? It is a reflection of your inner self and how you feel about you.


Perhaps you have no response when you hear people describing themselves in a less than supportive way. It’s entirely possible that you don’t feel consciously affected by words or labels.  Or maybe three decades later you could have a realization that someone being called a stupid SOB, or your family’s words of choice, does have a bearing on who you believe yourself to be and you don’t want the children in your life to have to undo the poor word choices you use now, then. The subconscious is powerful. Feed it energy it can grow on for generations to come.


Speak to others as you would like to be spoken to and then speak to yourself that way too.