What is Law of Attraction and how can you apply it to your life? We hear so much about it, but what the heck is everyone talking about?  It is referred to as a law; a law of the universe. And while it may be one of the easiest things to learn, it is one of the most challenging to apply. The law is basically what is being pulled towards you and showing up in your life is there because of your feelings, emotions, beliefs and actions. When something or someone is attracted to us there is some kind of magnetic resonance happening. Because everything in our universe is energy atoms that are influenced, this is what connects us with others that feel similar.

Once you are aware of the law of attraction you can magnify the joy in your life because it becomes less about things happening TO you and a feeling of empowerment that you can bring experiences, people, joy, expansion and more TO you. Some simple ways to do this are to seek out tools to help you grow and expand. Check out the podcast I did on this subject here. It is important to know that when we are talking about the law of attraction it is not always about the material things we want, but what brings us joy, the experiences we share with others and creating an ease in life. This is what raises our vibration so pay attention to what you are emitting. There is no such thing as luck; you create what is in your space so why do it intentionally.

Some great questions you can ask yourself to assess where you magnet may be signalling:

  • What energy are you giving off?
  • What led you to the place you’re in now?
  • Where do your beliefs come from?
  • What do you think created the storm that your life may be in right now?
  • What helped to create the great stuff in your life that put you in alignment?
  • If you want a different outcome ask what do I need to do to shift that?
  • What do you want to feel excited?

So when you are ready to make the change, to shift your energy remember to be aware of your words and emotions. Don’t edit the conversation at first. Become aware of them so you can decide HOW you want to communicate with yourself and others. Words have powerful energy. You can make a list of what you would like to see in your life and you should always acknowledge when things are going well so it can continue to flow because the manifestation means you lined up your energy in some way. GO YOU!  It does take a consistent vibration for something to manifest so hang in there and be consistent. Most important, be truthful with yourself.

Your soul drew you into this lifetime to learn how to expand on this concept as well as so many others. Have fun with it! I’m so grateful you were attracted to these words and are a part of my life!