Have you heard that expression that we are like an onion, peeling layer after layer in understanding ourselves? The visual of that is intriguing but thinking of myself as a smelly vegetable hasn’t always set well. The theory is as we learn something about ourselves, it opens up another layer of discovery. I agree with this as I have felt and seen in others the excitement, and sometimes trepidation, about what else is there under the layers.

We are a full compilation of all of our experiences. Everything that we have seen, experienced or absorbed from the many soul paths we have taken to this physical life we have now. All of the traveling we do, while awake and in slumber, gets entered into the non physical computer of our soul and that then translates to our physical brain. My intention is to help people learn to use both systems for a much more connected and fulfilling life dance!

The tricky part can be that our brain has so many components to it that figuring out what we are feeling can be confusing. I love the brain for that reason. Just when we feel like we know it, get it and use it; surprise, another function understood! If you think of our brain as a computer too, you can imagine the memory stick that is installed. Just like a memory card in your electronic devices, the memory stick in your brain takes everything in and stores it somewhere. Some of them front and center so you are aware and some of them back in the archives where they hoped to be purged at some point.

This is part of the reason we feel like we have completely understood a circumstance or relationship only to feel blindsided when it comes up in our consciousness years later. The ability of our subconscious to store information is vast and one we will probably never fully comprehend. We can, however, come to a place of seeing it as an ally.

What if the next time you bump into something you thought you let go; emotions, events, relationships or experiences, you thanked the brain for giving you some pointer in the direction of what is ready to be released at another level?  Yes, it can be utterly exhausting to ask and practice this, but it is also the way to reaching the inner layer of your onion, I mean, brain and its treasures.

True, it may make you cry much like cutting the onion up, but tears are salty for a reason; they clean and heal from the inside. Allow them to and be proud you are willing to explore and know what your brain, heart and soul really want because you were brave enough to ask!

Now I want onion rings…..