Sometimes the greatest messages come in the most unlikely of places. This past weekend I was fried. Exhausted beyond the point of thinking or comprehending anything greater than what flavored seltzer did I want to drink. Between surviving whatever speedstorm June was, the shoulder issue, the balancing of business expansion and moving of my office while preparing for a get together with some friends to celebrate my fiftieth birthday, I was toast. Burnt toast. That’s when my keeper of the humor this month, Mike, suggested we watch the Lego movie. Perfect! Just what the stressed out, too tired to function coach would have suggested too. Ok, maybe not that movie but it turned out to be the best one for me that day.


The plot was not hard to follow and I’m not sure if it was because I was so tired or if it is designed to work this way, but I soon forgot they were pieces of plastic and began seeing them as humans. Either way, it worked and I found myself enjoying the story, laughing at the genius of a play on words for the magic super power holding prize, and pulling for the main character.


Then it happened. They sang a song that had the word believe in it. A word I use A LOT in all its forms and I saw another word in side the word; I saw the lie. I saw beLIEve. I have looked at this word too many times to count and never connected the dots before. I have said to people that our beliefs will lie to us and never connected that either. Yet they do.


A belief is a thought that we have had over and over again until it becomes a belief. That thought may not even be ours. It could be overheard, taught to us, a result of watching others, or propaganda promoted in order to have us follow a certain thought process. It is amazing how they get into the networking of our brains.


I work every day with people in shifting their beliefs to align where they are in that moment in life and where they would like to see themselves in the future and I had never seen that within the word before! I’ve even asked others why they BELIEVE the LIE someone had told them. *insert facepalm here!


I’m so grateful to that movie and my exhaustion for allowing it to come through my processor and so I can share it. Maybe this isn’t new to you, but it is stinking exciting to me. You see, our beliefs are what lead to how we speak to ourselves, what we manifest and ultimately whether we are enjoying our lives or not. They ought to be ones that support us!


The beliefs don’t have to be lies. They don’t have to be the ones that tell you you aren’t smart enough, or have enough money or your idea is not marketable. They don’t have to be the ones that say because of how your parents behaved that is how you will or a person with different beliefs is one to be afraid of. They don’t have to be the unsupported, suppressed and sometimes depressed energy that has been in charge before now.


You would have to be willing to look at any of the beliefs that are lying to you in order to shift them to those that would support a more intuitive, joyful life. We do need to do some of the work. With my practice that may mean looking at what beliefs are under the behaviors or feelings and ask them to leave while learning to install supportive ones. I do this through a process called Belief Re-patterning. I combine the expertise I have in intuitively receiving energy, almost two decades of coaching with the Belief Re-patterning training and get to the unsupportive beliefs in the neural pathways and move them with poignant statements directly related to the person I am working with (including myself at times!) and breathing.

Beliefs may lie to the person sitting with me but intuition sees through that very quickly. It’s taken some practice to be able to merge all of my skills, including humor, to create a process that is very effective and I am so grateful I get to do that daily to help others and myself. We are not cookie cutter individuals. Our ways to healing and messages can be very different and often enter through very unique doorways. Sometimes that doorway is a movie purported to be for children!


Are you willing to see the lies in your unsupportive beliefs? That is the very best first step! Next perhaps give some consideration to what you would like your beliefs to be about you and life. If you get stuck, you know where to find me.