Thanksgiving is this week in the states and, of course, I can’t let the week go by without acknowledging it and doing a call to action that we not save being thankful for one day but rather we expand it out to all of them.

Acknowledging how powerful being in a thankful state can be in our life is very important.  I’ve been talking about the law of attraction and creating the life that we want to be in and I just know that isn’t possible without an attitude of gratitude.  Did you know that it’s wired within us from a soul level to be appreciative and it’s one of those emotional skills that we have, but I do feel it needs to be practiced. It’s a muscle that has to be used over and over again in order to be at its greatest strength and highest capacity.

I want to express my gratitude that you are of our planet because I truly believe that everyone contributes and adds to the greater whole with their own uniqueness. I’m so grateful because how boring would it be if we were all the same? The process of becoming grateful is one that requires effort on our part. It requires some tools and I’m going to share those with you now.

The first can be a challenge but it is to learn to come into a place of appreciation for where you are in life. Comparison is a stealer of this appreciations.

Do you do that? Do you compare you, what you have, where you’ve gone or who loves you, to others? If you can reverse the habit of comparison and be in appreciation of what’s in your life at this moment, your life will change exponentially. It would be amazing for all of us to have that conversation within ourselves.

Maybe you could be thankful about who you are, where you are, how you are, and start there.  Being thankful is really about the presence of mind, the willingness to take an inventory to learn how to be appreciative of your own souls wiring because remember, you are not only your human self here experiencing this, you have many soul lives. We need to be appreciating our individuality and our unique wiring in order to contribute to the world and our personal journey.

I feel it is imperative that we connect. Learning to let go of that comparison helps with this because then you can realize that we are all different and therefore our experience are going to be as well. Not wrong, not lacking…different!

Share your gratitude with others, let them know that your world has some special sparkle in it. It raises your intuitive vibration, to seek these higher frequencies, thankfulness and gratitude and kind hearts and courageous conversations. You can do it. I know you can.

A gratitude journal is also a wonderful thing to have. Practice doing it before you go to sleep. List a few things that you’re grateful for that day. Be in the place of gratitude for the pillow, for the bed, for waking up. Then get excited about not what you have to do but what you get to do. You get to get up, you get to be a part of your life, you get to make conscious decisions.

You get to decide how your brain operates if you want to put the effort into it. So if you feel like being thankful is challenging for you, or you’re not sure how to get that pump primed, then volunteer somewhere. Contribute to those who are working their law of attraction. And maybe they need some help.

Bottom line, your life is not going to change until you do something about it. That’s the brilliance of being an individual soul. You’re the only one who can do something about it.

Another way to increase gratitude and thankfulness is connecting with spirit and that is however you do it in your faith, in your connection to the universe. We may as well harness that energy and put it into action in the physical plane, it is your responsibility.

That also means that when you are holding gratitude and thankfulness, you’re shifting and growing.

Give yourself permission to look around and take in this mind blowing amazing world we live in, then the thankfulness should follow suit.  With the thankfulness comes love. I am so grateful you are here reading this, connecting with me and adding your special vibration to this lifetime.