Stones, crystals and any of the other Earth’s substances are a creation of their own species, their own vibration and are here for their own journey; yet they are amazing helpers.  In your world it can be the difference between having a moment where you’re feeling completely stressed to having some support, and another tool to have in your toolbox. Why would you use stones? Because they all have a frequency and it takes a very long time for them to be created so the concentration of the frequency is amazing. You can use stones to raise your own frequency, you can use them in a healing practice, and you can use them to clear spaces. There are so many ways they can be beneficial. I use them primarily to ground my space. When I get a little out of sorts, I use a lot of the darker stones like Black Tourmaline; the darker the stone the more grounding. The lighter the stone, the higher it can take your energy field up. A fun way to remember the uses.

Some people really resonate with the light, clear quartz energy. I find that to be too high of a frequency if I need to be present in my body and to be available to hear and to help. It’s easy to remember that darker is grounding and lighter is raising of frequency. I use and recommend Black Tourmaline a lot. It is fantastic for grounding. I put a chunk of it in each corner of the office and in my home. You can grid your whole house with them, but I think it’s good to do each room individually because there is a different frequency in each room. The more grounded we are, the higher the frequencies we can access.

The intention in which you purchase a stone is important. They can change jobs. I have some that I bought to use for meditation and then didn’t feel like they were the best ones, but they became a stone I used for writing and for connecting into creativity. Spend a little time learning what works for you. I highly recommend going to a store that carries multiple stones and trust the ones that resonate with you.

One of the things you can do with your stone or crystal is set the relationship and why you would be using this stone and what purpose it could serve for you. I recommend picking a stone by feel, not only in your intuitive sense, but also by using your hands. Does it feel comfortable in your hand? Does it feel like something that you would want to hold on to? You will then clear it you by running it under water or allow it to be in the sunlight for a full day. Ask Archangel Michael to clear it as well. This is a really important thing because everything absorbs energy. If we don’t get better of clearing energy, we will remain stuck in a kind of groundhog day and wonder why things aren’t changing.

To program a crystal, you will want to hold it in your hands and close your eyes. Ask the stone how it would like to help you. If this is not working, you can decide what you would like this stone to be used for. How would you like it to help you? Have a conversation with the stone and set the intention. Then sit with it for a few moments and get to know the frequency of that stone. It’s pretty amazing how calming it can be. It is a simple, yet powerful way to bring some calm into your life.

If you would like to hear more in depth about this topic,  check out this week’s podcast episode and happy stone communicating!