We are full in winter here in the Northeast. I just bought pants to run outside in sub zero temperatures to ENJOY more of it. Hope I don’t freeze out there as a giant popsicle! With winter comes a knowing that we will be hibernating at least some of the time. This hibernation usually comes as a welcome thing for the first few storms and is something I look forward to as often we don’t stop unless some force of nature, be it Mother Nature or our own health, causes us to.
This human tendency is one that I feel we could learn to re-wire for somewhere along the line it got wired into us that stopping is a sign of weakness or vulnerability. The last time I checked, most of us aren’t being chased by man eating tigers yet we keep running as if we are. I heard myself say last week, I’m going to bed early; it was ten pm! When did that become early? My body was tired, my  mind was exhausted and my soul said, come on lady, it’s time for me to fly and have fun, go to sleep! Yet, the conditioned self thought I was somehow packing it in early and therefore had to announce it for some reason rather than simply listening to self, saying goodnight and accepting the ease of the ending of a day.
Restoration is necessary in the human body. We must power down in order to keep going. Just because there are 24 hours in a day doesn’t mean we have to see as many of them awake as we possibly can.
I was talking with a client last week and she was saying how she wanted to isolate herself from others, not engage and simply check out. I did my due diligence and asked her if she had a therapist and did she feel depressed. Her response was to chuckle and say, no, but honestly, I think I am just tired. I agreed with her. Her energy field was so low it wouldn’t power a watch battery. I posed the question of do you think you may be looking for restoration rather than isolation? I love the look that comes over people’s faces and energy when I suggest an alternative perspective. Almost an ahhhhhh, yeah, I just couldn’t put my finger on it, that’s it!
I’d like to introduce the concept that we don’t have to “earn” rest time. We can embrace it and even learn to be good at it. I’ll admit this one was challenging for me but since I’ve been looking for balance in my life, it has become easier. I can stare at the clouds for quite a while now before the voice of shoulds shows up! It takes a bit of practice but most of all it takes allowing. Trusting that the world is going to keep spinning even if we step away from the holding position and that all will be ok. Even believing that others will show up if I decide to reboot.
I am going to ask you to look at your beliefs around restoration and see where you could add some quality battery charging time if necessary. It will be different for everyone. To ask me to sit around for hours and “rest” wouldn’t necessarily be recharging for me. Suggest a hike with time to appreciate the view at the top and I would be willing to do it. Perhaps even a good book to read and get lost in and I would be good. Some might need the power nap while others want a massage. Perhaps a game of golf (wear your sweater it’s getting chilly) or a dinner out with the friends. Whatever brings you to that place of new energy and a revitalized view of the world, do it!
The object is to know thyself and honor what it is that fills that gas tank up, not so you can get things done but so you can feel full and centered and wanting to participate in your soul’s journey. When we push others away it is often because we are so depleted ourselves we can’t fathom another person’s energy in our space. If we all charged ourselves like we charge our cell phones, we would be in a much more harmonious world. Doesn’t that sound nice?
Next, respect the person who is asking for space, for they know enough to identify the need. Give them that and see how amazing it feels to be in charge of only your own feelings. Refreshing, and restorative, if you ask me.