2019 is ending, that’s not a surprise, and 2020 is coming in as a brand new decade. With a new decade brings a new energy. 2019 has been a little bit of a bumpy ride for many people. I think there are going to be challenges in every year of life because we have yet to learn how to be in a place of complete flow and still learn at the same time. It doesn’t always come easily to let go of what’s not serving you because first you have to figure out what that is. If we’re learning and growing, we’re also opening up our arms and asking, “how can I learn from a place of a different perspective? How can I bring my soul self into this and let that intelligence speak for me”?

A lot of the times we see our relationships as the drive thru where you place your order at the window and you drive off fully expecting them to have gotten it 100% correct. That is just not feasible. We have to expand and grow. We get frustrated with ourselves and with others this is true. It is because we have the intention, but maybe not the follow through, of releasing what’s not serving us and hanging on to what does. This may include the people in our lives as well. Sometimes it’s an awareness that we come to that I can love you and I can respect who you are, but I may not necessarily want to spend a lot of time with you because we just speak different emotional languages.

What are you holding on to? Maybe you’re being stubborn and you’re holding on to the vision of who someone was decades ago. Maybe they aren’t that person and you aren’t allowing yourself to see who they are today. Releasing old beliefs would be a good place to start. Often there’s a fear of what’s on the other side that if you let go, we don’t know what’s on the other side of it. Sometimes that makes for a fearful situation. Part of who you are today is because of what you’ve gone through. By honoring and respecting that, you are freeing yourself and allowing for that compassion and love for yourself to show up. You can honor yourself and what you’ve been through while also letting go of the replay and the doubts.

The willingness to release something does take courage. I think there’s a greater fear of succeeding than there is of failure in our society. And I really want to encourage everybody to get good with that feeling of succeeding. Are you protecting yourself from showing that you’re smart, that you’re dynamic, that you have a great analytical mind? Are you holding on to old beliefs and doubts because you want to protect yourself? Are you putting off that greatness because it might take a little bit of courage? You do need to show up in your own life. There is a joy in moving forward. I promise.

To release what you’re holding on to and to take those steps moving forward it is very important to take one step at a time. Incremental movement is very important, significant even. The first step would be recognizing whatever you’re holding on to, what you are bumping up against.

Decide what this next decade could look like for you. Decide who you want to be in this decade. What you want to bring into this next decade? Get your pen to paper and take some action. Write up some goals, intentions, desires and the steps to take. People have to create that within themselves. Be honest about what you would like your life to look like. Create a vision board and move forward in thankfulness and gratitude. You have to make space for the joy, the success, the love, the receiving to show up. And this is the part of being human that can be challenging, but it’s also the part that can bring so much joy. You get to feel so proud of yourself and pride is not a bad thing when balanced with a splash of humility.

The energy of 2020 is very shiny, it’s new. Not because it’s a new year. There is an energy pattern of every year. And I just feel like it’s a complete year of opportunity and I want everybody to be grasping that for whatever it means to you, whatever is joyful to you. That is the beauty of still being around and being able to see another year come in. I believe that people can shift and do all of this on any given year. It doesn’t take the first of the year to do it but it’s a good time to start.

So, what do you want to release? What do you want to create? Are you willing to move thy arse to do so? Do you want to be here next December talking about the same challenges or do you want to feel you have done all you could to move yourself up in vibration and forward in your own growth.