I have held many doors as Howard and I installed them, but to reframe one myself, I would not be successful. Yet, I so love a good reframe. One might even say I am quite savvy at the situation reframe. (See what I did there? Reframed a reframe.)  Many have actually used that expression when describing how I see things.

I truly believe how we view life is how life turns out, so it’s important to me to keep in mind how I want to experience my go around this trip.

So, when my own thoughts and emotions get a little off kilter, I start looking for the level I’ve used over these years to see where the bubble lines up! The leveling effect of a good reframe.

Just like the level is necessary in hanging a door so it swings well, the ability to reframe one’s thoughts becomes an invaluable tool for all of life. A reframe, in my view anyway, is not about bs’ing. It isn’t about lying to oneself. It is about looking for, and finding, the least resistance path of energy and words to state what you want.

This last week has been a real challenge for me. I love a challenge but I am not a fan when I know I am the one providing the challenge. Have you ever just wanted to get away from yourself?

Yeah, that was this week for me, myself and I. We needed space from each other. Man, they were on my last nerve!

Being in alignment with self doesn’t mean you are always in a good mood or happy about where you are. It does mean that when you are, there are tools on board to help move along those crankies. I went into what I call reporter mode. I asked myself, who, what, where, when, why and how I was feeling out of whack.

In doing that, I realized that I had way too many deadlines set up for myself and was feeling overwhelmed by that. I agreed to most of these dates, with the exception of articles due, so it was on me. Some of them are not solid dates but rather those ambiguous ones floating around my psyche. The “want to get to” list. Isn’t the brain amazing? It hides stuff right in plain site!

Once I realized I needed to take some inventory and got clear on the point of discord; feeling pressure around the deadline idea, I decided to reframe that. I came up with accomplishment points. I don’t want to rush to a place of being dead, especially on a line! No wonder the dates, firm and perceived, were looming over me.

Accomplishment point feels so much more supportive, doesn’t it? Did it change my list of what has to be done? No, not at all, but what it did do was help me relax around the dates and prioritize what was due to others (this blog, by the way, is one of them). Then I thought about how I want to feel when I complete something. I want to feel proud of myself and that I participated in life consciously.

How do you go through life right now? Feeling like you are on a deadline constantly? Do you look for, and celebrate, the accomplishment points in your day? A happy dance about laundry being done is an amazing way to acknowledge a day! Be willing to honor the less than glamorous moments. They count too.

Can you reframe, and lessen, the pressure that is being place on you, by you? It’s another one of those inside jobs, so you have to be the one to do it. Are you up to the challenge? Do you accept the challenge?

What, if anything, could use a nice new reframe in your life so you can move forward on it?