We can chock my recent desires up to just passing an anniversary of my birth, the last few years of learning or an evolutionary process, but whatever it is, I am so grateful.

Lately, I am much more conscious of the place of peace in my life. I feel like most people run around, including myself, and talk about wanting peace but rarely do the actions required to acquire the state of being. It is not a passive thing as I had once assumed. I am realizing that it takes effort and perhaps that is why so many want it but can’t seem to find it.

Here in the States we are in summer. Supposedly the lazy, hazy, dog days of summer. Now, that implies a relaxed manner and a sliding through life time but all one has to do is log on to social media or listen to people in their lives to know that isn’t true at all. People are more busy, they are stressed planning to go on vacation. They are stressed returning from trips and all that summer entails. Longer lit days must mean cram more in, right? Well, I’m no longer so sure about this and why? Well, because that isn’t the way to create peace.

Stopping and being in the moment of whatever is going on seems more the key here. This is where the effort comes in. Allowing oneself to say no to invitations. To decide to stay home and enjoy the surroundings and the beings who inhabit the space with you. Connecting to Spirit and allowing the ease of that flow to be there can help, but that takes effort too but aren’t you and your peace worth it? Doesn’t it seem like the pursuit of more is driving us to a frazzled state and further away from people and self?

We can have a very full, loving, connected life without a day so dang crammed full we can’t even remember any of it without effort or consulting the calendar. I’m suggesting we all add a piece of peace to our lives. Whatever that looks like for you is wonderful!

I’ve recently added back in meditation for me and my connection to soul. I’ve also decided that the music in the background can be chanting, easy listening or instrumental rather than always pop, country or Broadway. It’s amazing how much less stress I feel doing these small, but significant items.

What do you want to add? What WILL you add? How will you stay committed to it? Will you do them first thing in the morning? Will you have to say no to something to say yes to you? Will you decide that taking long, slow breaths are your gift to you to come back to you?

When we bring peace to ourselves, I really know we will bring peace to the world. Doesn’t that sound amazing? It does to me too.

Join me,



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