The English language is so amazing and so amazingly confusing. Just take the two,to,too rule or which witch are we talking about? How about the dam that stops water or the damn! that can stop conversation. Or how about draft? Are we talking about a leaky window that has a draft? Are we rewriting a document because the first draft was incomprehensible? Perhaps we are referring to the process a country invokes when there is need for more military help. Whatever the word being used, we gain our comprehension from the context of the words around it.

I love words a lot because they have all those complexities and when communicated, they give me so much information. I read the energy in the word combined with the persons transmission. Whenever others think, speak, type, feel we transmit an energy and my antenna picks it up and translates it into a full litany of information. Sometimes this is very overwhelming, other times it is utterly hysterical. (Not udderly as pertaining to cows, but utterly as in very, very…)

This satellite system helps me understand what a person really means when they are describing themselves, another, a desire or a situation. People are often very self degrading and not at all complimentary to themselves. Our feeling self knows the truth even when our brain thinks it has the correct information. So, when someone is saying they are just the worst person ever (Which is just not true because the worst person ever probably wouldn’t do self reflection so there is the first hole in their theory.) I feel into what the words are conveying, not their specific meanings but what they mean to that person. Context.

We are all individuals and feel, process and convey energy according to our unique wiring. I’ll admit, this took a lot of practice for my spreadsheet loving head to make sense of but once I did, it became a lot of fun and very informative. A few weeks ago I was working with someone who was, rightfully so, taking responsible for her poor behavior. We both agreed how she handled a situation was not respectful to her amazing self or the other person but I didn’t feel it was worthy of the flogging she was giving herself on a daily basis. Probably several times a day.

When I pointed out how tough she was being on herself she quickly said “but I was a punk!” I chuckled a little at that because to hear a grown person describe themselves as I have of my own kids sometimes, was delightful. Also, the energy I felt under that was Spunk, not totally punk. One letter; such different energy. Too, two, to. One letter. Very different meanings. Very different messages.

I employed her to ask herself to consider it was spunk and not the punk in charge. To be clear, it is never ok to use language that isn’t respectful but it is also not helpful to carry a story about the situation that had passed. It really felt to me that she was standing up for herself for the first time in a sense of power and just didn’t know how to drive that thing!

Do you have an inner punk that comes out when you could be using your spunk self? How do you tell the difference? Well, you could ask yourself:

  • if you are forcing your opinion or will on another, you are exercising your punk self.
  • if you are feeling lit up about an idea or life in general, you are exemplifying spunk.
  • if you are dismissive of another’s view or background, you are being a punk. Don’t be a punk.
  • If you are determined to have the best damn life you could possibly create, you not only are using spunk, you have spunk! Do that.

You will basically have to be honest with yourself about your motive or intention to determine if you are with an s or without one. Check in often.

Be willing to apologize if your punk self gets out of control (she did) but don’t you dare tamper that spunk for anyone.