“Inch by inch, row by row, I’m gonna make this garden grow. All it takes is a rake and a hoe and a piece of fertile groundInch by inch, row by row, someone bless these seeds I sow. Someone warm them from below ’til the rain comes tumbling down.” David Mallett

Remember these lyrics most known from Peter, Paul and Mary? Inch by inch, row by row? It has a great message doesn’t it? Let’s take it inch by inch and see what happens. Something is bound to grow from that isn’t it? Something is going to spring up, maybe where we least expect it, but something will create a row. 

As I write this another song comes on the radio that is about growing. The Rose sung by Bette Midler. It seems the universe is conspiring to get us to remember seasons and the beauty in the steps of change. A rose doesn’t start out as a wonderfully aromatic, appealing to the eye flower. It starts as a seed, perhaps carried by the wind to it’s new location or perhaps planted there by a kind hand. Either way it is one that is in darkness for quite a while before it reaches the light and is seen by others. It doesn’t give up under the dirt because no one is patting it on the back or validating that it is worth being here. It goes about its process of growth and stretching toward that sun and knowing that the rain is really what will nurture it into the gorgeous being it was meant to be.

Why do you think plants and nature are so patient, resilient and accepting of change and people aren’t? Have we forgotten that there really is a plan, one that we put in place long before we were a plan in our parents lives? Have we lost trust in the expansion of ourselves and the pure magic of being here in this realm?

I wonder these kind of things all the time. I wonder why we can’t just be in the place of admiration of others and this amazing planet we belong to. Why do we gravitate to the negative and fear place? I know a lot of that is taught and we are good learners, but what if there was a way to change that way of thinking and being and be more like nature where things are not so much questioned but adored?

Have you ever seen a cat lying in the sunshine? The pure joy that is there to be experienced by even those watching is a miracle in itself but are you stopping to witness these miracles? Are you allowing yourself to be part of the amazing process that is life or are you being carried by whatever wind is blowing in this moment? Do you look at rain as a bad thing and something here to personally piss you off or something that is a blessing, one that is nurturing the rose that is not questioning it’s journey, but rather experiencing it?

I know change happens a little at a time. I am quite fond of the expression baby steps make lasting difference. Just like you learned to be in fear, you can learn to be in trust of yourself and this amazing journey you are on. Sure it takes practice but so did learning to walk and you did that!

Take today and look to the beauty in the world. Allow your viewfinder to locate the wonder of how this whole life thing works. Take a little of that personal power back and decide how you want to feel. Embrace the wind but for goodness sake, don’t let yourself be a passive passenger on this thing called life. It is too precious to waste on complaining. I don’t know about you but I have had enough complaining during this election season to last me a good long time. I’m going to plant some more authentic connections and seeds of opportunity. Care to join me? You can do it inch by inch, row by row, working at your own speed, but do something that moves you toward the harvest you would like to see in your life. I’m sure your garden is there waiting for you to be a part of it. Will you put in the effort?