I have seen people in some of the most vulnerable places in their lives. They are hurting and seeking the miracle cure for the pain. This is sometimes physical, but most often it is emotional. To me, they are one and the same. When the emotional self is hurting, the body tends to follow suit very quickly. There is an energy pattern that shows up as a small vibration and if the situation is not addressed and released, it becomes a physical manifestation. Louise Hay wrote the pioneer book on this in her, You Can Heal Your Life. I love this book and have given dozens of copies away when someone is experiencing a diagnosis and interested in shifting the energy.
My first inclination used to be to solve the situation for them. I have come to realize that is not possible, nor is it helpful to them. My role is to point out the discord and hopefully, help bring things into alignment so healing can happen on all levels be it emotional, physical, spiritual or mental. We all have the ability to solve our own pain. First, we have to be willing to see we are not the pain. Yes, we may be experiencing a message from our brains that there is pain, but we are not the pain. If we can become the observer of that pain, we can then take the next step in relieving it. Of course, if something is bleeding, get medical help!
People close to me used to say I was not feeling or didn’t care when someone was in pain when the opposite is true. I was feeling it at levels often deeper than the person themselves were, I just was not the one who could make the decision to do anything about it. We can’t change someone else and we can’t heal someone else. We can be the bringer of information and we can be the hugger, but the healing is up to the person themselves. This takes an incredible amount of strength to stand back and allow the other to find their direction and their own clarity. Do you have that strength? Are you developing it? I recommend a lot of deep breaths and reminders that it is their path to help you learn to observe.
I decided a few years back that I wasn’t going to be afraid of pain any longer. I was going to be inquisitive and I was going to delve into what was hurting so I could release it and be lighter, in energy and body. Most often it is a story anyway, and not the truth at the time, but rather something we have learned to carry around. Even asking what is the pain here to teach me, can relieve it a bit.
How often have you looked at your own stuff through a filter or fingers over your eyes? I know I have and still do on occasion. This isn’t about being perfect and without pain. This is about recognizing I can make a choice about the level of pain I am experiencing. Knowledge is power and the more I know about me, with all my nooks and crannies, the better life I will create.
Do you want a better life? Do you want to live YOUR life? Would you like to be able to face whatever comes up in your internal closet and decide whether to keep it, donate or chuck it in the garbage? Minimal living is all the rage these days! I am a big fan.
I’ll be posting classes to help you on this journey and to build that tool kit soon. In the meantime, start observing the space that separates you from the pain. Become conscious that there is even a space to be had. No, it isn’t easy, but it is so worth the effort.