This week was pretty exciting. We hit 10,000 listens on the podcast. Intuition:Your First Sense launched in April and the fact that you are enjoying it, sharing it and subscribing makes my heart very happy. I did a bonus episode as a thank you that you can listen to by clicking here. I thought I would share with you the 10 things that I do everyday that contribute to keeping my vibration high and increasing my own frequency. They do not take a lot of time and you can make them part of your daily ritual:

  1. Start each day with gratitude – The first thing I say each morning is Thank You. Be grateful for even the smallest things.Your sheets (mine are currently Snoopy dressed up as a mummy for Halloween!), the day you woke up, the people in your life or anything that comes to your heart and mind. 
  2. I do an intention. I ask Archangel Michael to surround me with white light. I believe that when we keep our energy field in a supported state, that we navigate life in a much more consistent, playful and appreciative manner. It is as simple as asking! 
  3. I put sea salt in my shower. It pulls out any toxins that might be in your energy field and helps to balance the chakras. 
  4. I use essential oils on a daily basis. I prefer the Young Living brand because they have the highest vibration for me and there is something for every part of your life and whatever you may be working on or with at the time. 
  5. I meditate everyday. I don’t necessarily sit for 20 minutes at a time, but I make sure I give myself 5 minutes of quiet time at some point during the day.
  6. Consider what are your supporting factors? For me it is nature. Whether it’s time in the car with the windows rolled down or a long walk outdoors. On any week I am soaking up as much as possible because it cleanses us. Identify yours so they are readily available. 
  7. Humor is incredibly important. Look for the laugh everyday because it will raise your vibration. The spirit world is SILLY! Join them in that practice. 
  8. I have a rule of 3. This doesn’t necessarily happen everyday but it is something that is always in my awareness. Pay attention, it’s about being present in your own life. If the messages, signs or awarenesses come in threes, I am sitting up and paying attention!
  9. I use the human pendulum and what this is, is being able to use your own physical body for discernment. Our brains get cluttered and sometimes even the simplest questions clog our brains so I’ll ask, “in the name of the light, show me your no.” Your body will sway in a certain direction to guide you to an answer or be perfectly still. Then ask “in the name of the light, show me your yes.” Your body should go in a different direction. Then you can ask questions, direction or for help in assessing a situation.  Use this human pendulum in order to connect with self to have a form of validation of what is lined up for you in that particular moment.
  10. Towards the end of the day I will ask that the etheric cords (energy exchanged between every sentient being on the planet) be removed. I will I ask Archangel Michael to please remove all cords and return them to whom they belong and return mine to me. We get an etheric cord simply by thinking about someone or having contact with someone. This is especially important to do when you’re coming home from work or wherever you have just been.

I hope you practice these daily rituals as they are a way to enhance your day. If you would like more information or to hear me go into further detail, click the link for the podcast and look for the 10,000 listens episode.