Have you ever watched a child with a flower for the first time or experienced their joy in what we consider the simplest things, like a belly button? Ever watch how happy a cat gets with a box or bag?  Have you ever explored a bit beyond where you were planning to go and found a fantastic restaurant or view? All of these things have an element in common. Curiosity. The desire to explore comes first, then the courage to try out the new experience and then the happiness of the moment as a result of that courage.

We all have this curiosity within us. Thankfully, we are always asking from a soul level for more experiences. More chances to grow, to learn and to stretch who we are. This is inherent within all of us. Every soul wants to expand to its greatest expression. As physical beings, we can feel cramped and cranky when we aren’t allowing ourselves to join that soul energy and grow. Sort of like wearing a jacket that is way too small and restrictive. Unfortunately, many stay in this space and don’t realize they can get a jacket that fits and even has room to grow!

The shopping process is pretty easy for that jacket, we simply have to be willing to ask questions. Questions of ourselves, our path, the people in our world and the universe as well. I see so many people who are afraid to ask questions. Perhaps questions were not encouraged in their past and they need help learning. Is this you?  When the door is opened and questions allowed to flow, your whole person can soar!

What is your belief around asking questions? Are you able to do it in any situation? Can you admit you don’t have to know it all and get excited to learn more?  See how I did that there? Lots of questions!

One of my favorite questions to ask is “what is the message here?” Another good one is; “do I need more information?”  Between feeling like we are supposed to know it all (not possible) to the tendency to want a drive-thru experience (too fast) we rarely slow down enough to be contemplative.

Where are you missing that in your own life?  Perhaps it is the asking of what do I want? Who am I today? What do I contribute? How can I serve? Do I need a nap? Hey, all questions are valid!

Be excited about the potential answers. Be brave in your exploration and for goodness sake, be curious.

Amazing things happen when we allow the questions to come and not fear the answers. If you have a hard time moving from that fear place, remember a time when you did something you didn’t think you could do.  Use this to remind you that you can do anything if you are willing to step to the edge of the question.  For example, if I had let the first two times I ever drove keep me from trying again, I would have walked A LOT of miles over the years. Trust me, it wasn’t pretty. It’s pretty funny now, but then, nope, not to me and I am sure not to the guy driving the milk tanker coming at us. (You are welcome for that visual.)

When we question what we know or believe, we can only become more sure of our path because we either affirm what we know or we move closer to what we would like to know.  Either way it is a win win.

Ask yourself when presented with situations this week if you agree? Would you do it differently?  Do you want to know more before making a decision?  The fascinating thing about asking questions of oneself is it brings you closer to you. Isn’t that fun? If your answer is no, come see me. 🙂

Grateful I will never run out of questions,