We all do best with a team. I could not feel aligned in any way without my team. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and definitely not mentally, without my amazing crew.

The people on our team can help us navigate this world of human interaction while we integrate our soul self. One of the people that I consider to be imperative for my team is Dr. Marc Rudin.

Marc is my chiropractor. He is also a friend and someone who I feel speaks a very similar language to myself. That’s important isn’t it? Do you feel that it’s in everyone’s desire and even right, to have those that we resonate with and are able to be our own selves with?  I certainly do and am blessed to have met him many years, even lifetimes, ago. 

When we align with those who are able to understand us, appreciate where we may be coming from, and also offer their own perceptions oh, it makes this traveling as a soul that much easier.

It takes a little bit of courage, sometimes trial-and-error, and a good sense of humor to find and connect with those who create our soul family.

Marc is someone who has always listened to his intuition and that’s rare. I learned a lot about him during this episode and I’m so grateful he was willing to share his vast experience with helping people connect their mind, body and spirit. As he taught me during the interview, chiropractic is a science and it’s also a philosophy. I really love that.

Join us for this talk about his views and experiences with intuition, being of service, and what is his greatest desire to offer the world as a human. You will be most grateful you did and perhaps enjoy when he takes his turn at asking me questions.

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Thank you for listening to Intuition; Your First Sense and being the best community ever!