One of the aspects I have come to appreciate about the work that I do is it has helped me learn that people really are amazing and have a lot of similarities. We all want to be and give love. We all want to be understood and we all have a reason for being here at this time. We also, in this culture, focus on money and want to have a life where there is plenty of it. We earn it, we are given it, we exchange it on a daily basis. Sometimes it comes in the form of plastic, loans or some other form of borrowing. Other times it may seem that we are selling our very souls to receive the currency. Whatever the means,we have to relate to money in order to get on with our lives.

It can be one of the perceivable dividers in our lives. I hear it often, the comparison of what others have that another doesn’t. I hear the fear in people around the subject. This is whether they have no savings or they have, in some clients I have worked with, over six figures or more in their savings.

I know that it may seem odd to someone who is wondering how to pay the electric this month, and I’ve been there, that another with all the means to not even check their balance, could be worried about the same thing, but it most definitely happens. Once I started to realize this I had to explore what that fear is really about. What I came to was the persons misconception that the money and the ability to enjoy it was outside of their control. That somehow the currency that is meant to be an energy exchange had somehow become an enemy to conquer or capture. An opponent that had more power then they themselves had within.

What happens when we think like that is the ability to bring the income into our lives we would like to have completely disappears. Money is energy, just like everything else in our universe. It really doesn’t have an opinion about who it lives with. It would like to live with you, if you would invite it in. In order to do that though, you will want to learn how to see it as the form of energy and what could be effecting the flow of abundance to you.

Most of us did not get any training in how to be financially smart in this world. I know I was taught how to be in survival mode and lack during my childhood and can even create that same process out of habit when it isn’t necessary. I have created amazing systems to support myself and my clients when these old habits show up, but it was a learning that I had to go through intentionally. By realizing that money is an exchange of energy, I have learned to honor it and embrace having it in my life.

I wonder if you realize that if you detach from the idea that you don’t “have enough” in your life because you “aren’t enough”, if you wouldn’t feel some peace around talking about your financial habits and be willing to accept that you can be abundant.

I wonder if you thought that the universal bank was willing to deposit to your account if you couldn’t have some fun with the idea and get busy opening those bills you allow to pile up on your counter or inbox?

I also wonder if you know that when we handle our money with respect, honor and fun while meeting the agreements we have made with our creditors, that the energy is then met with more gifts?

What if there was a way to unhook from the feeling that your debt owns you? Well, there is. Help your subconscious to understand that when all aspects of you are in alignment, abundance in all areas flows. If the following statements resonate, say them and then take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.

  • “I forgive myself for believing I always have to be in debt because that is what I have been told by others.”
  • “I give myself permission to see the changes I can make and use them to practice self compassion around the subject of money.”
  • “I make choices every day. I choose to live a life that is plentiful and abundant.”
  • “I claim my freedom to create a life where savings accounts exists!”
  • “I remember feeling abundant. It happened when _______________.I allow myself to feel abundant daily.” (For myself it was when I had to buy my own house after Howard passed and the bank was impressed with my credit score. Something I had worked diligently on for five years to improve.)
  • “I am a money making, pleasure experiencing, donating being with financial prosperity in my mind, body and soul!”
Like most subjects, I really believe we make too much of a process out of beating ourselves up for things rather then getting to the clearing up and the allowing. Take some time this week to explore your feelings around money and what, if anything, could use a change. If something is stuck; call me and I will help. I’ll have to charge because I am running a business where the energy exchange is necessary to pay my rent, but I would be most excited to help. 🙂
You are very worth it,

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