In a previous post I wrote about how wishes are very different from goals. Goals have actions associated with them to differentiate them from wishes. They also don’t come with fairy godmothers or fancy dancy wands but they can still be sparkly and fun!

Once one has the understanding that what they really want to create are some solid goals and a plan has not only been created, it has a commitment to be implemented, then the fun can begin. I really mean that. Goals don’t have to be so stern and detail oriented that they can’t be enjoyable. It simply takes being honest about where you would like to be and where you are starting from.

When I first started working out I did it for my health and my mental state of being like most people. I won’t say I always enjoyed it either but I would set goals that were WAY too big for my conditioning. Truth be told I still do that sometimes, but I’ve learned to catch that one very quickly before my delusional mind that thinks I have long, lean legs and the heart of sprinter gets away from me. That must be a past life memory! ha!

Setting goals that are too big for where you are at the moment is a common reason they don’t get followed through with. I am a big believer in small steps add up. Of course I want the magic wand that moves me through to the accomplishment point, but I know from experience that in doing that, the joy of the process is taken out. The tears and the frustration are too, that’s true, but without them we wouldn’t appreciate who we are and the work we’ve put in. I also believe that when we take our time working through the goal to the accomplishment point, we garner new information and that will direct the next step of whatever we are creating. If we go too fast through it, not only do we risk an injury of some sort, but we miss the brilliance that is hidden in those moments of frustration.

So, have you decided on what your goal is for the next four weeks? Have you looked at your life and tapped into what you would like to change, grow, clean out, try, expand upon, research or delve into? Is there a goal that maybe is further out that you can then break into smaller pieces and work back from? For instance, I have decided for my fiftieth birthday next year I will run a 50k. Thirty one miles not fifty. Think metrics people. I’m not that crazy….yet.

I am blessed to have two adventurous ladies joining me, Kelly and Sarah, on this journey. Another key to accomplishment points; accountability! Even with accountability, we can’t jump to the mileage in a 50k right away. You have to build up to that, unless you really like shin splints and I don’t. There is conditioning and nutrition that needs to be dialed in. There is scheduling that needs to happen and there is unconditional support of each individual running styles that have to be included. A lot more but I won’t bore you with the subject I love to talk about so much. (Remember the previous post? Do you have something that lights you up to set as a goal? It helps tremendously!)

Once you set the goal, create a plan and start to take action, results typically show up. What are the results you would like to see from the goal you have set? Keep in mind that they are not all going to be physically measured. Last night I did a bootcamp that I have attended many times before but have never enjoyed as much as I did this time. Why? Well, because I had met with myself and decided that I can’t hold the pressure on myself to perform that I have in the past AND run 50K. I would use up all my energy in my thinking and criticizing space and have none left for moving my arse across the trail. So, in deciding on that goal and the effect I want to have, I eased up the pressure in other areas. I will always be competitive with myself and I think that is great, but I can do it while appreciating what my body is capable of today. I totally nailed those mountain climbers too, which have been a nemesis of mine, and I KNOW it is because of the trail running but also because my head wasn’t critiquing me while I was doing them. Preserving energy isn’t just for the Earth you know.

So, this week, how about you pick a goal that is a little further out and you break it down into smaller chunks. (Intention) Take some steps to completing the first chunk on your list. (Action) Then capture the results that are happening so you can see any patterns that want to emerge. (Accomplishment Points) Then do the happy dance! It’s important after each of the steps to do a happy dance. It keeps the energy moving!

Get yourself some goals. Live this life intentionally. Don’t just coast and have your life be a compiling of reality tv you watched when you could have been living.