The upcoming holiday is a good time to address how to navigate the season with a little bit more joy, finesse, respect for self, and some energy tools that can make it all seem a bit more manageable. The holidays can be a time where everything gets heightened: our senses, our intuition, and our relationship conflicts. They all get bubbled up because the more pressure and stress we add to our lives, the more of a powder keg we become. Adrenaline gets overloaded and there’s no place to put the extra energy and we end up losing our stuffing. If you add some tools to your toolbox this season perhaps you can come out of it in a way that transitions into 2020 in a much more rested, thoughtful, appreciative, fun way.

Holidays can bring out the best and worst in families. Often you see that people are in such reactive mode, that they’re not really able to enjoy the process. I’d like to remind you from a soul perspective that you chose your family. You chose them whether you were adopted, you were biological, or if you are assimilated into the group through the foster system or partnership. It’s important for us to take responsibility for this. If you start with the idea and the humor, and the understanding that you chose this group, then whatever’s going on isn’t happening so much to you, it’s happening around you for your information and for your own soul’s growth.

It’s always been ironic to me that we often give a lot of gifts during the holiday season. We’re focused on getting the perfect present for somebody, yet the perfect presents are your time, your focus and your attention to them. A lot of the times we’re so busy running, we don’t stop to look to see what’s contributing to our own crankiness. Times change and people grow up and some traditions need to shift and to grow. That’s part of being a soul. This is expansion. Be present; if you’re present in this situation of change, it’s not as difficult. Change happens every day. So you already know how to deal with it, be present and you may actually enjoy it!

Learn to connect with yourself. You may need to spend some time by yourself figuring out what that means. Within families there is always someone that you just don’t get along with or you don’t align with. Find a way to appreciate the holidays and get together with the ones you really do jive with and choose a different time to spend with the others. This is about choice. And if you’re choosing to be in a situation that leaves you feeling awful or reduces your energy field, then it’s time to take responsibility for that and realize it’s just not necessary. Each time we engage with poor behaviors, we give permission for that, therefore, it’s your choice whether to engage or not.

How this connects to raising your intuition is the more you are aware of how you’re contributing to any interaction you are paying attention to your vibrational field. You are naturally raising your vibration every time you pay attention to your own mannerisms.  You’ve been doing the work and you didn’t even know it! Go you!

What if you were the one that decides this is the year that you are going to leave all of your baggage at the door? Meet these people for the first time energetically and see what happens when you do that. Of course, you’re going to have a history, but when you do this it allows for some of the old hurts to drop away. When you walk in with that clean energy, it also allows you to appreciate some of the stuff you couldn’t see because you were so crowded and clouded with your preconceptions. When you walk in clean, you’re raising the vibration of the room and you will be contributing to the vibration of the whole get together. How fun is that?

Think of it as another gift you’re giving that you don’t have to wrap. When you’re doing this and you’re deciding to be in the higher vibration that doesn’t mean that you’re forgiving and it doesn’t mean that you’re letting go of the poor behavior. It means that your energy field is so well stocked that some of the stuff you might have found hurtful may not get through. If you go in and you see them for who they are today, you may be pleasantly surprised.

It’s the time we spend with people that really matters so don’t get lost in the materialism of the season. By being present and intentional, you will raise your vibration because you’ll be so tuned into the joy that you will become appreciative and in January the feeling will still be there.

Take a breath and really ask yourself what does this season mean? What does the end of the year mean to me? What does the winter solstice mean? How can I go in to this season with an energy of appreciation and of getting to know myself a little bit more, and then gather up my gratitude and graciousness for the fact that we’re celebrating?

Bring your humor and realize that you’re contributing to not only your vibration, but your family’s vibration. If you spend time with yourself, you can take a little inventory of who are my family? Where is my community?

All of this self awareness contributes to knowing how to work with ourselves and enhance our own intuition. Why don’t you give yourself the gift of that this holiday season and see if that doesn’t change things up dramatically?

I am grateful for the gift you are in my life and I wish you the best of all holiday seasons however you celebrate and with whom you celebrate and remember to love yourself.