Hey! How are you? How have you been? Good, I hope! Where have I been? Well, I’ve been here working, playing, healing and rebooting.

Have you ever felt like you were hitting the pause button and even though you would love to be moving forward, there was just no pushing the energy or the events of life? That is where I have been. I have taken some time to minimize anything that wouldn’t effect the service of my clients and allow life to flow. While the last couple of months haven’t been all that tumultuous, the two years before it were and I realized my commitment to feel my way through life needed just a bit of a time out. I had to absorb all that was going on and honestly, I needed a break from anything new happening.

As it usual in my world, when I decide to take a breather, life got busy. Allow me to catch you up. If you have followed my blog for a bit, you have heard me refer to my goofy guy Tank. The best representative of love the bully breeds have for humans. In April I had to make the decision to allow Tank to be with Howard again as the seizure disorder he had was taking all joy out of his life and I could not ask him to stay for me. Animals have their own journey and we as their people need to honor that and allow them to be released if we are in that position. What the experience did was bring up all the other passings I had experienced over the last two years and I said tilt, uncle, I give, Lord help me and all the other statements and prayers I knew. I may understand the process of life and life on the other side, but mama mia, I had hit my limit.

Life does indeed move forward, so from there I began working on the new website. Check it out! https://www.vickibaird.com  It has been a great process of identifying how I want to work with people and what that looks like in webform. It will be undergoing some other changes, including online classes, podcasting and back to the regular blog form as well as items under development! Yes, I am still doing readings. (That question always gets asked so I thought I would address it here first!)

The coaching aspect of my business is taking off to new levels and I am thrilled. More and more people are committing to themselves and allowing me to journey with them as they discover the path that is aligned with them. We travel through learned behavior, programming picked up on the trip and patterns that may be creating some glitches in the works of life. We also explore the gifts, abilities and talents they have within but my not be able to see for themselves. We also set some amazing intentions and meet them with action!

I will be offering more Belief Re-patterning events so you can learn to do it yourself and achieve a strong coach voice yourself. Stay tuned!

I have also begun a regular column in Our Berkshire Times magazine. I am thrilled with this opportunity. While I will submit articles of other subjects from time to time, the primary article is called Ask Vicki. People are able to ask questions and I will address them within the article. How fun is that? Check out the first issue featuring Ask Vicki. http://www.ourberkshiretimes.com/717-flipbook.html

If you want to read previous articles, feel free to check out the issues prior to this one. Click here.

In addition to the above, I’ve been traveling on a monthly basis to the Wakefield area, this month the last week of July, where I see current and new clients who would like the Vicki in person experience in addition to the Virtual Vicki! If you are located in that area, or would like me to travel to your area, please feel free to ask!

And did you know that I teach Indoor Cycling at Soules Sports and Fitness three times a week? I do! We have so much fun. I blend the Stages training with my coaching training and throw in years of voice lessons when I encourage belting it out while we pedal! One of the ways I processed the last few months, besides with my own Life Coach (A coach who doesn’t have a coach is not expanding themselves and probably not an asset to you.), was to train for a half marathon. As you can tell, I lived through it! I actually enjoyed blending my approach to life lately of floating through to the race and while it was work, it was a blast too! A great metaphor for life, don’t you think?

So, now that we are up to speed, I thank you for hanging in there with me and allowing for the space that in life is necessary to expand and grow into our true essences. I am excited about life and what it holds for exploring and learning moving forward with you.

All my best!



p.s. No, that is not me at the top, but isn’t it a great photo!

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