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Say a word over and over and it starts to sound silly, doesn’t it? For some reason the auditory part of our brain starts to make it sound like a totally different word or one that we can’t connect any context too. It can be a lot of fun. That disconnected feeling to the word when it starts to sound odd is a good example of what it feels like to me when someone is saying a statement that doesn’t agree with their energy.

A simple example of this is how we ask someone how they are and they answer “fine”. We can all surmise whether that feels right or not. Simple empathy will give you that response. Taking it a bit further in energy perception and one could actually feel where the discord is. Maybe the person is tired or may they just don’t want to talk. It’s also quite possible it is an automatic response and the person didn’t even register what you were asking!

What I have developed over the years is a super sensitivity to what people are saying with their energy and not only their words. You could say it is a BS meter as others have, but I prefer to think of it as my radar to be able to help someone connect more truthfully to themselves. We are proficient at lying to ourselves and my ability to catch the discord is what makes me effective in the coaching and Belief Re-patterning professions, I believe.

Lately, I have heard from so many of my clients that they want to have confidence in themselves and their decisions. While I haven’t always pointed out that it felt like they were maybe searching for another feeling, I have asked them to go a little deeper in the description of how they would like to feel. Emotions are powerful and words carry great emotions. Imagine if we combined the two!
You may be thinking it is a no brainer for someone to want to have confidence, but I have another theory.

When a word or phrasing feels out of whack to me, I have to follow it until I figure it out. It can be like that mosquito in your ear on a summer’s evening. Annoying but once paid attention to, easily dealt with. So, I spent some time following the feeling until I got it.

My theory is most people aren’t really asking for confidence, after all, why would you look for something that starts with con? A pre-fix that actually means of, relating to, or adept at swindling by false promises according to the Webster dictionary. I am questioning the intelligence of pursuing being swindled by ourselves. To what gain? Always being in search of this elusive feeling of con-fidence, whatever it is.

I feel what people are looking for within, and in the world, is faith. Faith in themselves, faith in a loving universe, faith that one day black jellybeans will be available year round, faith in the honesty of others and faith that even with difficult times, we will be fine.

Where does your faith reside? Within you? With a deity? Within the universe? What level of faith would you say you have? Could it be increased and if so, do you know how to do that?

Having faith in self is the most reliable source as when there is a time when life is challenging, it will be built in and ready to access. Building this faith can take time. It also takes a habit of catching oneself doing great things! When you do something well, give credit and realize this is the building of faith in self. How could you trust yourself unless you realize you are already doing some areas of life really well?

So, what do you say? Ready to give up the con and go with faith?

I believe in you. Do you?



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