So, how are you doing today? Feeling a bit like you went out and partied even if you didn’t? Yeah, me too. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not an authority on astrology but holy macaroni was the energy intense leading up to and now following the eclipse. The wind up to the event was like watching people twist into forms they didn’t even recognize as themselves. I wonder if this happened in your world. People acting a bit more reactive and accusing left and right. Relationships seemingly blowing up over night when they were really in a destructive process for quite a while. Decisions to move or a feeling of needing to get the heck out of dodge. Sound familiar? Yeah, thank you eclipse.

No, really, thank the eclipse because we often stay way too long in relationships, jobs, homes or situations that aren’t serving and occasionally need a good boot in the butt to get moving. Imagine if we took that on ourselves to do and didn’t wait for cataclysmic astrological events to make us move? What a concept! Imagine if we moved our own moons to create change that we want in our life. That’s a great visual isn’t it?

I hear from almost every client that they feel stuck or frustrated with their lives and I’ve come to see that often it is that they just aren’t aware that change is good and feeling like they can change is fantastic. It takes courage and an understanding that anything promised as an overnight fix is leaving out the amazing part of learning about oneself. Much like the moon passing in front of the sun, we have to be willing to look at the emotions and beliefs that create the stuck in order to move to the sunlight again. No special glasses needed.

  • What are you tolerating in your life right now?
  • What is so flipping frustrating that you feel as twisted up as the energy before the eclipse?
  • Who is in charge in that head of yours? Other peoples’ voices? Your critic or your coach? Your doubter or your soul?
  • What beliefs are so ingrained in you that you feel you could never let them go? (I see that as a challenge accepted! Get on in here and allow me to help!)
  • What gets eclipsed in your life because your light is being dimmed?

The astronomy of our amazing universe is complex and thankfully studied by others who can let us know an actual eclipse is happening. They happen relatively quickly even though they take their time in between events. People aren’t all that different. We let things build up and create tension until we can’t take it anymore and the frustration overshadows the joy in life. I’m suggesting we learn from the example of the sun and moon and work collaboratively to create an amazing experience here. I’m suggesting we don’t judge our shadow side, but embrace it and move forward to shine again.

People may be a bit more sensitive for the next week or so. Have patience, take deep breaths. We are energy and respond to the changes in atmosphere. It may take some time to adjust to the higher vibration happening now.

Some have changed so much that going back into an old orbit is no longer possible. I know that is true for me. I’ve spent what feels like lifetimes hiding my true self and playing small to protect others and decided that I couldn’t ask you to shine bright and be you, if I wasn’t doing the same. So, care to join me? Care to make your own orbit path that includes others and embraces life according to how you see the world? Care to shine straight through that shadow and illuminate the whole dang world? Oh yay! I was hoping you’d say yes!

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