I keep hearing people say how they are so busy and it is because of the holidays. I want to call bs on this. Why? Because I hear it in the summer too and then the fall because of school and then the spring because of yardwork.

It’s fine if you are busy. Life can be. But at some point, you may want to listen to how often you are saying you are busy. Too busy. 
What are you too busy for? Connecting with yourself, others, appreciating nature, being creative? 
Increasing your wisdom, exercising, learning an instrument or a language? Volunteering, sleeping, mentoring someone or deepening your spirituality? 
How about being still? Is what what you are too busy for and are avoiding by keeping the go, go, go going? 
I feel like most people are so afraid to hear the voice within that may suggest they aren’t happy or in line with their life that they keep piling on the responsibility to ensure that doesn’t happen.  
I’ll clue you in to something; when you come for a session, that is what I am listening to. I am pausing to hear what your voice has been trying to communicate to you but couldn’t get through because the busy signal was so loud nothing else could be heard. 
So, what if you said no to the go,go,go? What if you gift yourself some quiet time and ask the voice inside what it wants to say? It is the holidays. Why not self gift?
When getting quiet remember to turn off all electronics. The length of time is not so important as much as the intention to spend the time. 
That thing that’s been bugging you? It’s in that quiet moment. As is the communication of why you feel less than thrilled with your life.  It isn’t the traffic, or the bills or someone else’s behavior. It is what is not being given a voice. I promise you. 
You don’t have to put up a billboard announcing what you’ve discovered about yourself. Unless you want to, of course. Be brave. Be willing to hear it.  
Until you say yes to hearing this voice; you are not living authentically you. Sure, it takes courage. But you’ve got that in droves. Go for it. 
Say yes to you,