It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I am a good talker. If we have never met in person, you can still tell from my writing style that I have the gift of gab as my mother would say. I’m not one that wants to talk about every subject but I do find people fascinating and appreciate a good chat. This comes in really handy as my work has a lot to do with talking. Listening is important and a skill I have had to develop for this gal, as a child, was known as chatterbox!

Occasionally, my fast moving intuitive brain and chatterbox tendencies can get going at the same time and some fun word combinations come out of it. I thought it would be fun to take a break from some of the help others help themselves blogs that I so often do and share some with you.

Since I subscribe to the belief I have never met a stranger, sorry to those of you in the grocery store that this belief freaks out when I smile at you like you are a long lost friend, I am often so grateful to the friends I have made as a result of my role as an intuitive. I was introducing such a person a few years ago and called her a frient. I laughed and tried to say friend, since I believe in confidentiality and only the client should say that they come to see me (Insurance agents and other sales people please pick up this habit as I will drop you like a hot iron if you suggest someone purchase a product by name dropping!). It shouldn’t come from me first that someone has been in but I couldn’t get it out. She turned to me and said exactly what I was thinking, she was a client first and became a friend so the brain just mixed it up and frient was born. For those thinking, like I did, that it should go in order of meeting, cliefr or cliend were really hard to say so frient it is. I am blessed to have many frient’s now and I don’t know what I would do without some of them.

Another occasion was with a male client who has some fascinating and sometimes hard for me to follow ideas about our world and how to be in it. I’ll admit it’s because some of  the concepts go over my head or just do not compute on my hard drive, but we have some amazing awareness’s along the way. I was communicating to him what the energy field around his head looked like to me and how it was contributing to some of what he called confused thinking. I told him that it looked very hectochtic. We both laughed at my confusion of what just came out of my mouth but it ended up making sense to him and that is all that matters to me.

You see, his head was feeling very hectic and chaotic at the came time and much like two negatives make a positive, when I blended the words he said “yahhhhhhhhh, that’s it man”. So, if you are looking for a description for a thinking process that feels both unorganized and rushed at the same time; I give you hechtoctic.

There are many more in my dictionary, but my personal favorite because we all have family is the word energenetic.  It was during a session that this came up as well. I was helping a coaching client understand that her family environment would of course, effect her perceptions and actions in life. This would not only be from the experiential place, but also from the energetic place. I explained how we absorb things from our family as well as learn from them.  In my description I was trying to say that we are a compialation of energy and genetics. It came out energenetic. We both laughed, but then thought wow that’s really good. Upon reflection I had to agree that it was really good because often we  absorb and then become. So I would imagine it would become part of the genetic code. So I give you energenetic.

Perhaps this is how new words are discovered.  I know it brings a great deal of joy to myself and is even a great deal of fun when people ask me if I’ve invented any new words lately.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this walk through the vocabulary and Vicki’s life. I also hope that you invent your own words.

 Have a fantastic week and more,