Vicki Baird Create your successful life's journey. Mon, 23 Apr 2018 16:58:43 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Are you Asking the World to Change so you don’t have to? Tue, 17 Apr 2018 15:49:38 +0000 Have you ever been in the middle of an activity, seemingly unrelated to any other, and you have an awareness that hits you upside the conscious head and makes you go, “woahhhh?”

You may be having a conversation with someone and an idea for a project pops into your noggin.

You could be driving a route you often take and receive clarity around a conflict you’ve been experiencing.

You could be doing the dishes and suddenly remember where you put the business checkbook. (If anyone has a clue what I did with mine; I’d love a call. I’m still waiting for that download!)

This is a practice that if one can cultivate, can really pay off greatly. It is a direct highway to your own soul’s voice.

To be willing to connect to that stream of consciousness is necessary and not all that difficult. Contrary to what you may have heard, read, or learned; it isn’t always through sitting on a cushion, chanting and clearing your mind space. Sometimes it is through methods described above.

Another great way to receive information is to move thy buns! I had one such experience this week as I was out for my long run.

I was in mile four of what was looking to be an over eight mile journey. I am very fortunate to be able to run directly from my house and hit some pretty amazing hills.

The Berkshire’s are fantastic for the undulating, slightly rollercoaster like routes. Well, I am learning to like hills. It has been a challenging process for my legs, lungs and brain. Mostly my brain! This wonderful organ gets in the way often, doesn’t it?

So, I’m coming across Melbourne doing the skip up on the lawns off the road to not get squished, heading to Barker Road.

For those out of the area, picture the old game of Frogger for a good visual.

I head out on Barker to some road I don’t even know the name of but dang if there wasn’t another incline.

What the heck? Why are there so many hills in Massachusetts? I’ll admit, I was grumbling a little wondering if it was worth it.

After all, I ran the half marathon last year with no training. I could do it again. (No, no I can not!) So, as my head is going back and forth with its whining, a whole other mindset dropped in and made it past the subconscious trouble maker.

The conscious part of my brain regained the front spot and said “so, what you are really asking is for the hills to change so you don’t have to?”. Ouch. Yes. Ouch.

If anyone was driving by me on Rt 20, as I was running in the drainage ditch to again avoid being squished, that’s what the foolish grin was about. My drop in a ha moment.

I was making it so much harder on myself by lamenting that the hills are there and yes, it is flipping tough to get up them sometimes, but I was bringing the resistant energy, not the hills.

So, I decided in that moment that for the rest of my run, I would allow my mind to wander to the question of what or who else might someone, including myself, want to change so it feels better for the individual?

Oh my goodness, that gave me enough to concentrate on that I didn’t lament about another hill until I hit Gale Ave. But come on, if anyone does Gale Ave and doesn’t think about what they are doing, they aren’t human in my book! The San Francisco of Pittsfield. There should be oxygen at the top of each crest.

  • So, I wonder, what or whom do you want to change so it will be easier on you?
  • Can you admit that you want someone to be something they don’t want to be just so you feel better?
  • Do you wish that your past wasn’t what it was?
  • Do you want the weather to change so it suits you to your liking?
  • Is your son/daughter dating someone YOU don’t like so you want them to break up?

So how about it? Do you recognize yourself in any of these questions?

The good news is if you do, you can absolutely do something about it. I recommend coming back to the moment that you are in, reminding yourself that if it happened in the past you can’t change it, and if it’s happening now, you have all the power in the moment to respond with honesty.

Change is inevitable, struggle is an option or so my bumper sticker says and I believe it!


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Reframe of the Year so Far! Mon, 26 Mar 2018 17:51:45 +0000 I have held many doors as Howard and I installed them, but to reframe one myself, I would not be successful. Yet, I so love a good reframe. One might even say I am quite savvy at the situation reframe. (See what I did there? Reframed a reframe.)  Many have actually used that expression when describing how I see things.

I truly believe how we view life is how life turns out, so it’s important to me to keep in mind how I want to experience my go around this trip.

So, when my own thoughts and emotions get a little off kilter, I start looking for the level I’ve used over these years to see where the bubble lines up! The leveling effect of a good reframe.

Just like the level is necessary in hanging a door so it swings well, the ability to reframe one’s thoughts becomes an invaluable tool for all of life. A reframe, in my view anyway, is not about bs’ing. It isn’t about lying to oneself. It is about looking for, and finding, the least resistance path of energy and words to state what you want.

This last week has been a real challenge for me. I love a challenge but I am not a fan when I know I am the one providing the challenge. Have you ever just wanted to get away from yourself?

Yeah, that was this week for me, myself and I. We needed space from each other. Man, they were on my last nerve!

Being in alignment with self doesn’t mean you are always in a good mood or happy about where you are. It does mean that when you are, there are tools on board to help move along those crankies. I went into what I call reporter mode. I asked myself, who, what, where, when, why and how I was feeling out of whack.

In doing that, I realized that I had way too many deadlines set up for myself and was feeling overwhelmed by that. I agreed to most of these dates, with the exception of articles due, so it was on me. Some of them are not solid dates but rather those ambiguous ones floating around my psyche. The “want to get to” list. Isn’t the brain amazing? It hides stuff right in plain site!

Once I realized I needed to take some inventory and got clear on the point of discord; feeling pressure around the deadline idea, I decided to reframe that. I came up with accomplishment points. I don’t want to rush to a place of being dead, especially on a line! No wonder the dates, firm and perceived, were looming over me.

Accomplishment point feels so much more supportive, doesn’t it? Did it change my list of what has to be done? No, not at all, but what it did do was help me relax around the dates and prioritize what was due to others (this blog, by the way, is one of them). Then I thought about how I want to feel when I complete something. I want to feel proud of myself and that I participated in life consciously.

How do you go through life right now? Feeling like you are on a deadline constantly? Do you look for, and celebrate, the accomplishment points in your day? A happy dance about laundry being done is an amazing way to acknowledge a day! Be willing to honor the less than glamorous moments. They count too.

Can you reframe, and lessen, the pressure that is being place on you, by you? It’s another one of those inside jobs, so you have to be the one to do it. Are you up to the challenge? Do you accept the challenge?

What, if anything, could use a nice new reframe in your life so you can move forward on it?


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Helping; it does a soul good. Tue, 13 Mar 2018 16:08:43 +0000 Have you ever had one of those aha moments where you are slightly surprised that you didn’t catch on to the message earlier? I had one of those this weekend.


I’m in the business of helping people so I am going to use that as my reason of missing the elephant in the room; doing for others enhances our own life. It isn’t a new concept at all, but for some reason it dropped in today when I was volunteering.


I was walking this adorable dog that resembles a tootsie roll with legs (she’s available for adoption if anyone is interested. She is at Sonsini Animal Shelter) and amused at how happy she was to be out and checking her peemail. The wind in her ears and snow to dig through. She was so happy. I thanked her for letting me walk her and enjoy this moment with her. No need to capture it with a camera. It was in my heart.


Then it hit me that this is what is spoken about when helping others, we are the receivers of the gift. I’ve known how wonderful it feels to help people and animals but to have the visceral reaction was very impactful. Always the energy detective, I asked myself why it was so big today rather than another day and it really was because I was ready to receive. I imagine my adorable partner helped with her energy.


One of the ideas I took away from this was in coaching we ask about all areas of life and what one’s level of happiness in each is because an area of dissatisfaction can impact all the others. It carries over and we aren’t always able to see it for ourselves. So, for instance, if we aren’t eating well, our emotions are probably all over the place and life force energy is low even if it’s being supplemented by sugar and caffeine.


It occurred to me that one of the most common statements I hear is “I’m stuck and can’t get out of my own way.” Well, I wonder if when we felt that way, we helped another, the energy would move and help us to discover what was stuck in the first place. In our current world of selfies and expecting everything to always be good without challenges, it can be easy to become very self absorbed and mired in our own poor me’s. I’m familiar with the poor me’s. I’ve definitely had my moments in the last few years but after today, I am hopeful that when they show up, my brain and heart are now wired to look around and see where I can authentically help.


Tootsie roll, or Sage as she is truly called, (no, the divine message is not lost on me for that either!) may never know the gift she gave me with her presence today, but I will not forget it.


What if this week, and beyond, when you were feeling like life isn’t fair or it was way too hard, you connected with someone or some being that could use your energy or time? Hold a door, volunteer with kids, walk a tootsie roll, pay for the person’s coffee behind you in line. Whatever works for you. The feelings are valid and I’m not asking you to ignore them, I’m simply asking if there is any wiggle room around your pouting because the universe isn’t lining up for you right now, that you help yourself by helping another.

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What is your self listening to? Tue, 27 Feb 2018 16:39:47 +0000 I had a whole other blog planned for today but I do believe that will have to wait a bit. It will be fine; it’s not perishable. What may be perishable is our view of ourselves when using slang and terms that are thought to be supportive but when one feels into the words, there is a whole other meaning in there.


One of my abilities is to actually feel the vibration of words. It can be incredibly fun and most of the time it is just that. Other times it is painful to me. Oh, it definitely comes in handy when I am working with someone and the key to the help I offer, so I wouldn’t trade it but sometimes I do wish there was a dial to turn it down a bit. Until people talk to themselves and others honestly, with intention and with love, this dial would come in handy.


I wonder if you realize how sensitive you are to words? I wonder if you have ever taken the time to feel what was being said to you or that you were saying to yourself? I wonder if you would be willing to take the time to be aware of your spoken and internal words for a bit to get a read on how it may be affecting you.


Growing up my mother used to say “what stupid SOB did this, or did that?” often. I remember clearly one day confessing that I was the stupid SOB who left the milk out on the counter. I didn’t think anything of it then but it obviously has stayed with me. Our mother was not a mean person. I don’t believe she thought any of us were stupid. She was in a habit of saying it and never bothered to be out of the habit. I asked her once when I was a teenager why she referred to my father that way if she didn’t really believe it. I got a blank stare from her. I expected to be told to watch my fresh mouth (you can probably surmise from my writings that I heard that a lot. Ha! ) but rather she said to me; “I don’t know Victoria. I really don’t know.” She only called me Victoria when I was in trouble and at the time I thought I had crossed yet another line with my questioning. I know now that she really didn’t know and was being pensive, not mad. I never heard her say it in my presence again after that. I can’t speak for my father as he may have!


This past year I have done a lot of soul and self searching in whom I believe myself to be. The idea that I wasn’t smart definitely came up and until recently, I didn’t realize this had a connection to the doubt I’ve had about my own intelligence. I would often be called smart mouth or told not to be “so smart” and I filed that deeply in my reticular activating system to use later in life to hold me back. Until I identified it and shifted it with Belief Re-patterning, a fabulous theracoach and trust in my soul self, it couldn’t shift.


Do you see how some words we see as innocent or funny or even a habit passed down could affect ones energy as well as their sense of self? I’m not suggesting that we become all sugar and sweet about what we are saying and take offense to every sentence. There is enough of that happening. I’m asking each person to become aware of what they say, how they say it and to whom they direct the communication; self included. Honesty is important and transparency is as well, but words that could be chosen differently, should be.


There has been slang as long as there have been humans, but maybe if we shift it now, we won’t have people describing things as killer when they mean amazing. What if we teach ourselves and kids to be supportive of our attributes and to show them vocabulary is more than a test taken in school? It is a reflection of your inner self and how you feel about you.


Perhaps you have no response when you hear people describing themselves in a less than supportive way. It’s entirely possible that you don’t feel consciously affected by words or labels.  Or maybe three decades later you could have a realization that someone being called a stupid SOB, or your family’s words of choice, does have a bearing on who you believe yourself to be and you don’t want the children in your life to have to undo the poor word choices you use now, then. The subconscious is powerful. Feed it energy it can grow on for generations to come.


Speak to others as you would like to be spoken to and then speak to yourself that way too.

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If you aren’t curious, are you really living? Wed, 21 Feb 2018 20:47:54 +0000 Have you ever watched a child with a flower for the first time or experienced their joy in what we consider the simplest things, like a belly button? Ever watch how happy a cat gets with a box or bag?  Have you ever explored a bit beyond where you were planning to go and found a fantastic restaurant or view? All of these things have an element in common. Curiosity. The desire to explore comes first, then the courage to try out the new experience and then the happiness of the moment as a result of that courage.

We all have this curiosity within us. Thankfully, we are always asking from a soul level for more experiences. More chances to grow, to learn and to stretch who we are. This is inherent within all of us. Every soul wants to expand to its greatest expression. As physical beings, we can feel cramped and cranky when we aren’t allowing ourselves to join that soul energy and grow. Sort of like wearing a jacket that is way too small and restrictive. Unfortunately, many stay in this space and don’t realize they can get a jacket that fits and even has room to grow!

The shopping process is pretty easy for that jacket, we simply have to be willing to ask questions. Questions of ourselves, our path, the people in our world and the universe as well. I see so many people who are afraid to ask questions. Perhaps questions were not encouraged in their past and they need help learning. Is this you?  When the door is opened and questions allowed to flow, your whole person can soar!

What is your belief around asking questions? Are you able to do it in any situation? Can you admit you don’t have to know it all and get excited to learn more?  See how I did that there? Lots of questions!

One of my favorite questions to ask is “what is the message here?” Another good one is; “do I need more information?”  Between feeling like we are supposed to know it all (not possible) to the tendency to want a drive-thru experience (too fast) we rarely slow down enough to be contemplative.

Where are you missing that in your own life?  Perhaps it is the asking of what do I want? Who am I today? What do I contribute? How can I serve? Do I need a nap? Hey, all questions are valid!

Be excited about the potential answers. Be brave in your exploration and for goodness sake, be curious.

Amazing things happen when we allow the questions to come and not fear the answers. If you have a hard time moving from that fear place, remember a time when you did something you didn’t think you could do.  Use this to remind you that you can do anything if you are willing to step to the edge of the question.  For example, if I had let the first two times I ever drove keep me from trying again, I would have walked A LOT of miles over the years. Trust me, it wasn’t pretty. It’s pretty funny now, but then, nope, not to me and I am sure not to the guy driving the milk tanker coming at us. (You are welcome for that visual.)

When we question what we know or believe, we can only become more sure of our path because we either affirm what we know or we move closer to what we would like to know.  Either way it is a win win.

Ask yourself when presented with situations this week if you agree? Would you do it differently?  Do you want to know more before making a decision?  The fascinating thing about asking questions of oneself is it brings you closer to you. Isn’t that fun? If your answer is no, come see me. 🙂

Grateful I will never run out of questions,


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What if love was every day? Tue, 13 Feb 2018 12:30:49 +0000 I love flowers. Chocolate with caramel, oh yeah, I love that too. Celebrating love? I’m okay with that too, but Valentine’s Day? I’ve never really been a fan of it. Perhaps it is the blatant push of sugar, pressure to commit to a relationship one might not be ready for, or that it is used as a money making premise primarily.


Not to be the Scrooge of February but what if we said bah humbug to the pressure of purchasing and explore the possibility that love can be expressed without product? What if we did something radical like told people how much we care about them?  What if we taught kids that every holiday on the calendar is not to a reason to buy their love?


And what if, just what if, we took the time spent on thinking and purchasing of the “supposed to” gift and used it to cultivate love in the world? Start in your small part of the world and allow it to go out exponentially.


Some ways that you could do this is;


  • Bring kindness and attention to whatever you are doing. Be it dishes, speaking with someone, driving, listening to the children in your life.
  • Practice compassion the next time you feel your temper rising. Take deep breaths and allow yourself to consider where they may be seeing the situation from.
  • The next time someone is talking with you,listen. Really listen. Don’t just wait to respond. Listen to their voice, their words, their energy and what may be communicating beyond language.
  • Pay attention to the thoughts that come up during the day. Love yourself enough to do this. Stop and listen. You’d be amazed at the love that can show up in that moment and maybe the compassion from the previous step.
  • Be still. Five minutes. Start with five minutes of stillness. Hear that sound? It may be your brain protesting because you don’t normally take the time. Take another breath here. It is so worth getting under the chatter and hearing what your heart and soul want to say.
  • Give yourself the permission to move away from any relationship that has negative language, substance abuse, control issues and of course any physical abuse. Admitting it may be one of the most difficult things to do, but you aren’t helping anyone by ignoring it. Love yourself enough to be loved.
  • Along those lines, surround yourself with those that support you and you can support authentically. Relationships, and you, deserve that.


However you feel about the 14th of February, I hope you practice some, or all, of these each and everyday so that love becomes a daily occurance. That is where the joy of life really begins to show up.

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You are so magnetic! Wed, 07 Feb 2018 16:47:33 +0000 Do you realize how powerful you are? Do you know that you create your own experience, or life? When was the last time, if ever, that you stopped to consider the fact that the energy and emotions that you were putting into a situation were actually creating the outcome?
– Occasionally?
– Think about it but ignore it?
– Never?


Now would be a great time to give a little attention to what you would like to create in your own experience. I know it’s easy to blame circumstances, where you came from, what other people taught you, etc, but how does that feel? That is a way to stay stuck in your own misery or excuses and you are certainly welcome to remain there but if you want to see changes in your life, it’s time to start recognizing how amazingly gifted you are in energy.


If you aren’t familiar with the law of attraction, now is a good time to become so. If you are familiar, but perhaps ignore it because it seems easier to just stay in the track that you’re in, let me remind you that fighting the current isn’t an easier way to travel. All of us are magnets traveling around this universe attracting to us the people, circumstances, and experience that we need to grow as a soul and a person. The law of attraction is working whether you realize it is or not. That’s the wonderful thing about our universe, it keeps on trucking even when we decide to not pay attention.


So if you take a moment to think of yourself as a powerful being who can, and has, contributed to the bringing in of participants in your life, you can also start to to apply the intention of the people and experiences you would like to bring into your life. Since the law of attraction is happening anyway whether we are paying attention or not, doesn’t it make sense that it would be more collaborative and perhaps more fun if you paid attention and directed your energy towards those that you align with?


An example of this would be if you were complaining about the people in your life who only take from you and don’t want to help in return. This would be your attention to what isn’t working and perhaps what you don’t want in your life but are still bringing in because that is where your focus is. Energy flows where attention goes. The tricky part of that is the  attention isn’t always conscious. If you are complaining about someone or something, you are bringing it into your field and therefore creating more of a pull for it to come into your life. Annoying yes, but not all that difficult to change.


Yes, it does take effort to pay attention to where your stinking thinking and your emotions are. It also takes effort to be aware of what you would like in your life. One of the things I find frustrating is when people just want to complain and don’t want to change the situation or how they are interacting in their own world. I completely understand not knowing how to change something and needing help with that, and I’m happy to help shift a perspective or belief system, but once the information is there it boggles my mind that someone would want to stay and what they’ve just admitted they don’t like.


Sometimes the habits are so ingrained that until a new perspective is offered, the brain cannot see another way out. So ask yourself this, is there anything in your life that you would like to change? And if there is, did any of your own stinking thinking get you there? Do not judge this! You are simply taking inventory to see if your own point of attraction, or magnet, could use a tweaking. Once there is an awareness that change would be welcome, you can start to collaborate with the universe and be amazed by the way life can shift quickly.

A fantastic way to ascertain your point of attraction is to pay attention to your language. If you’ve ever taken a class with me, you know that I am a stickler for language. It’s not about saying things that are sugar coated. It is about choosing the words that are flowing in the direction you would like to go and then directing your energy there as well. So for this week, perhaps you can listen to your language, including the internal one, to see where your starting point is.


I will be teaching a class this weekend, the vision board creation class, that explains how we manifest both those circumstances that we don’t like so much and those that we would love to see. Perhaps if you find yourself interested in a subject matter and are willing to take the steps to open up to the possibility of brilliant creation, you will join us.


If that’s not a possibility or a desire, observe yourself and do a little introspection as well as take responsibility for where your life is.  Also know that we cannot manifest for others so if someone is having a difficult time or is in a pattern that isn’t serving them, we can support and perhaps help them know how powerful they are, but we cannot change their circumstances for them.


There is a beauty of being a soul having a human experience. We are all incredibly amazingly capable and it’s time we used our super powers.


Loving, and partnering with, the law of attraction, Vicki

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Do you love a challenge? Wed, 07 Feb 2018 16:42:31 +0000 Do you love a challenge? Years ago I wouldn’t have said I did, but it turns out I do. I like figuring out the best course of action. I love to plan and I have a pretty keen knack for identifying the path of least resistance to better serve a positive outcome. So then, why you may ask, would I get it into my head that a forty day running challenge would be a good idea? That’s a darn good question! My only answer is because it is a challenge, and one that I felt wouldn’t kill me so why not give it a go?

The challenge was to run a mile a day for forty days. That’s it. I didn’t have to do more but I did have to do it every day in order to consider it a streak. I have exercised daily before. I’ve probably even done a week long activity surge but every day for over a month? No, that has not happened and mostly because Netflix exists in the same room as my recliner.

I won’t lie. It was hard. The physical aspect of it has shown me places I didn’t know had muscles before, but it is the emotional part that is fascinating to me right now. In order to get my butt to that run I had to make sure I had time in my schedule to change, run, shower, change again, get to work or get back to work, do all the things of daily living and all the laundry. There was a lot of changing going on. When I first considered it I hadn’t taken all of this into consideration.

I also hadn’t taken into consideration how much discipline it would take to not flake out on the people in my group that I created on Facebook. I mean, I created the group, I can’t flake.

Normally discipline was a word I considered too strong and to be punitive. Like there was some judgment being handed down if one didn’t have enough discipline. I know where it comes from too. A very firm punishment style in my childhood and a higher bar I hold for myself that can feel very punishing too sometimes.

However, during this challenge of getting to the run every day I realized that discipline is necessary if we want to accomplish anything. The discipline I practiced has paid off in so many other areas. I saw that happening in less than two weeks of doing my daily run. We know when we are doing less than we are capable of and perhaps discipline is the missing ingredient.

The discipline I am speaking of has a vibration of celebration to it. When I lace up to go, often I am not thinking of running at all. I am blocking it out and thinking of how it will feel to finish and to know I did something only I can do for me. No one can do my exercise for me and no one can do your growing for you. They just can’t. People can help but wherever we are and wherever we hope to be is on us.

I’ve known this and even said that to clients, and myself, but this challenge has brought to me a whole new level of belief in self of capability, application and grit. It has also lost the excuse factor for me. There is time in the schedule to do all that changing, in more than clothing, and to attend to the other aspects of life. There is satisfaction in knowing I put my health and releasing energy as a priority and there is a lot of laundry, but I love doing laundry so that is a plus too!

What are you putting off trying or engaging in because the limiting belief systems in your head say that it isn’t possible or that it would be too difficult? Maybe it would take discipline. Maybe you will have to turn down invitations and refocus on what you want in life if you undertake it and maybe you will find that you had it within you the whole time!

Some people have said to me it wasn’t safe to do this challenge because we need a rest day but I was thinking that the human body doesn’t; the excuse factory does. The human body used to work much harder than we ask it to on a daily basis. It knows it’s capable. It is the brain that limits. Good thing I don’t run with my brain anymore and rather listen to my soul and my body to make the determination.

Discipline; give it a go.

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2018! Action! Fri, 05 Jan 2018 17:04:49 +0000

So here we are with an amazing opportunity to start fresh with a new year. A clean slate so to speak. A carpe diem sort of energy that shows up…..every stinking day, if we want it to.

Yeah, one of the reasons you didn’t receive this in your inbox on the first of the year is because I truly believe we have the ability to choose in each moment and situation to feel the life force energy we put on the New Year. To feel like we are venturing into hopeful territory. You’ve probably heard me say or read this from me so many times it’s starting to feel redundant. Well, until we truly walk that walk, I may have to keep repeating myself.

I am well aware that it is challenging to feel that there is possibility in every moment. That there is something to be gleaned from every interaction. It can feel overwhelming to even consider it, can’t it? While I don’t expect people to walk around denying emotions, I would like for us to start pointing our compasses and attention to what is resilient, amazing and brave about ourselves without waiting for certain days to give us permission to move forward.  The calendar doesn’t have that power; you do.

What did you put on your “I’m going to do, experience, have, create, manifest, this in 2017 list” that didn’t show up or that you dropped mid January or mid year? To be clear, this is NOT about beating yourself up, this is about seeing how things can change, our minds can shift, dynamics can reveal what we didn’t see before and about being in the flow of life.

  • So, what was it?
  • Do you still want it?
  • Is there something new there now?
  • What do you have to change for it to move a step closer? I
  • s it your mindset?
  • Do you need to reach out to someone and ask for help?
  • Do you need to move your butt to make it happen but you’ve been holding down the recliner for so long you aren’t sure how to move said butt?

It all comes to being willing to voice it first. You don’t have to rent a billboard but you DO have to admit to yourself what you want and then decide you are worthy enough to have it. Oh, that’s it? That worthy bugger? Yeah, that can be a trip up but it can also be worked around by paying attention to where your compass (attention) is pointing and choosing to direct it toward believing in self and in what you have already accomplished.

So, what is it that you are going to bring to 2018? It isn’t the year that owes you anything. It isn’t anyone else that owes you either, nor can they do it for you. So what is it that you want to bring into 2018 and create? Great, now that you have an idea what it is (and if you don’t, come see me. I love helping with that.), what will you do, what one small step will you do to help that to the next step? Go take that step. Now. You can read the rest of the blog later. Go. Be amazing. Take that one step you have been putting off for a solid year or more now. You will feel relieved you did and I hope a little proud of you.

What I have come to learn as a coach, and in receiving coaching, is that people can help us and yes, even inspire us, but we have to be willing to do the work and learning our soul was so excited to take on a body to do. That requires action.

Will you be taking action this year? YES! I thought so! Go you!

Any challenge I send out to you amazing people, I take on myself so all of the items that were on the ta da list for 2017, they have been moved and you will be seeing results of them through classes, in person and online, through additions to the website and through products. There will  even be another half marathon on the calendar for me too. I am off to sign up for that now. Action. Taking action.

Come see me at my new location and let me know how amazing you believe yourself to be because you decided to take that action!


I believe in you,



P.S. Check out the class line up if you could use some help in determining what you would like to create or even who the heck you are.

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We are like onions. Thu, 07 Dec 2017 19:24:08 +0000

Have you heard that expression that we are like an onion, peeling layer after layer in understanding ourselves? The visual of that is intriguing but thinking of myself as a smelly vegetable hasn’t always set well. The theory is as we learn something about ourselves, it opens up another layer of discovery. I agree with this as I have felt and seen in others the excitement, and sometimes trepidation, about what else is there under the layers.

We are a full compilation of all of our experiences. Everything that we have seen, experienced or absorbed from the many soul paths we have taken to this physical life we have now. All of the traveling we do, while awake and in slumber, gets entered into the non physical computer of our soul and that then translates to our physical brain. My intention is to help people learn to use both systems for a much more connected and fulfilling life dance!

The tricky part can be that our brain has so many components to it that figuring out what we are feeling can be confusing. I love the brain for that reason. Just when we feel like we know it, get it and use it; surprise, another function understood! If you think of our brain as a computer too, you can imagine the memory stick that is installed. Just like a memory card in your electronic devices, the memory stick in your brain takes everything in and stores it somewhere. Some of them front and center so you are aware and some of them back in the archives where they hoped to be purged at some point.

This is part of the reason we feel like we have completely understood a circumstance or relationship only to feel blindsided when it comes up in our consciousness years later. The ability of our subconscious to store information is vast and one we will probably never fully comprehend. We can, however, come to a place of seeing it as an ally.

What if the next time you bump into something you thought you let go; emotions, events, relationships or experiences, you thanked the brain for giving you some pointer in the direction of what is ready to be released at another level?  Yes, it can be utterly exhausting to ask and practice this, but it is also the way to reaching the inner layer of your onion, I mean, brain and its treasures.

True, it may make you cry much like cutting the onion up, but tears are salty for a reason; they clean and heal from the inside. Allow them to and be proud you are willing to explore and know what your brain, heart and soul really want because you were brave enough to ask!

Now I want onion rings…..

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