This may be an overshare, but we’ve known each other long enough and if you’ve read a few of my blogs, you know I am  an open book without an editor! I had an experience today that ended up being pretty powerful and I thought I’d over share. Lucky you!

So, today my uterus felt like it was trying to leave my body and take the rest of my reproductive system with it, through my spine. Joyous time.  Because of this, I decided I couldn’t do personal training and not end up in the fetal position, ironically. I cancelled. I was disappointed that I had to because I enjoy my workouts. That wasn’t always the case so I like to honor that process now. 

By the time I got home it had occurred to me that how I would feel about myself tomorrow would be worse than any feeling I had working out so I got on the treadmill. Now, I’m not saying that I would be beating myself up but more that I missed out on something I enjoyed and that’s a bummer. 

After a short warm up where I was still convincing my body that this was going to be good, I put the power woman playlist from YouTube on, uterine kinship, and cranked the volume and the speed. Hello ten minute mile! I knew you were in there somewhere!

Sure, I felt crappy going in but now I am proud and feeling a little better. My head said I was in pain and couldn’t do something. My body said, hold my water and watch this!

How often does that happen to you? How often is the head in charge? What excuses show up out of that subconscious to keep you stuck? What if you listened to the body once in a while. It seems it’s pretty smart. It takes you everywhere you go so it seems like a nice thing to do to honor it. 

The body is amazing and can do way more than we give it credit for. How about this week you go a little beyond what the brain says and challenge yourself. Let me know how good that felt after!

So, there you are. Knowing more about me than you probably wanted to but I hope it resonates in some way and helps you the next time your brain wants to limit you.

Ovary share complete,



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