No, this is not a tell you who to vote for blog. No one has that kind of power over us, which is shown by entering the booth alone, vote how you want to. It is a check in to see how you are directing your energy.

Every being in the universe emits energy. Every thought process creates a ripple in our world. That is why it is so important to be aware of how you truly feel and what you are offering in the way of the your personal signal. See this is the thing; we are individually responsible for what we project. So you alone can control if you help or hinder your life.

No one can be upbeat or “positive” all the time. It isn’t possible given that emotions ebb and flow. However, when one participates in joining the ruckus or drama going on, it increases it and makes whatever that is being paid attention to greater. Energy goes where energy flows so no matter what you are speaking and feeling about; you are creating.

So, for instance, if you are re-telling a story over and over again of what has happened in the past or fears of what could happen (ahem, election Tuesday), you are contributing to the outcome possibly being the “scary” prospective.

It takes practice to be able to speak honestly without drama and without fear projecting. It is so worth the practice. Energy does not flow backwards. It does not understand you “don’t” want something. It feels out the vibration and runs with it. So, you can be saying you don’t want to have a tyrant for a boss but because energy only flows forward, it will be processed as you DO want one. Negating words are a human creation. No one asked energy if it wanted to vote on this, so it keeps doing what it is so good at; answering the request as always saying yes.

The Law of Attraction is not a new concept and I’m probably telling you what you already know, but in case you didn’t or you have simply forgotten, and that’s ok, I would like to remind you that you have a choice in how your energy is perceived and how it helps to create your life. Sure, that means there is responsibility in what you are saying and feeling, but isn’t that a great thing? Doesn’t it feel good to think about what you DO want. How you DO want to feel?

It is easy to get rapped up in trying to convince others to think, feel or act in the way you do, but that is a complete waste of time if you aren’t in alignment with yourself because you won’t be offering a signal that is in your favor anyway. You will be contributing to the force of what you don’t want if you get caught up in proving you are right. Drop that crap. It’s so exhausting.

So, as we, in the United States, move toward the election this week, remember when you are talking, posting on social media, complaining with others or worrying in your head; all of that matters. If you want to help, present in support of what or whom you would like to see represent. If someone wants to drag you into their drama tell them you have given up the drama to the llamas so you will have to pass while you line your personal energy to help.

The bottom line is everyone has their own truth and we can be kind even if we don’t agree but we can’t complain if we didn’t align with our own in the first place.

Know your own energy first,