Another season is upon us and as we in the Northeast are thinking about leaf clean up and that white stuff that will show up soon, an amazing phenomenon starts to happen; the fall crankies. Whether you chock it up to school back in session, holidays coming or a sugar induced bratfest from Halloween candy, it doesn’t usually end well. Unless, of course, you know it’s happening and you are able to address it before it blows up and do something about your out of sync system.

So many of us forget that as natural beings, we do very well when we are exposed to nature. It’s right there is the word yet we forge on with all the have tos and gotta get to and leave the leaves to be something we grumble about. We stay inside connected to electronics or holding the couch down yet complain about not feeling well. We lament about how tough we have it when we can turn a tap on and get clean water and close the door to the elements. Human’s; so good at whining.

Last Friday I was ready to evict myself from my own company I was so crabby. Not outwardly but inside I felt all jacked up and while there wasn’t anything going on that would logically contribute to it, I felt worse than a four year old who no longer naps, is hungry and lost his favorite blankie. MIS-er-ABLE!

I like to catch myself in a mood before it takes flight and gets fed by my subconscious like some sugar pushing, don’t move through your poor behavior, dealer. Once I feel the out of whack energy, I ask “Ok, what is going on here?” “Is there a reason you are acting like a punk or is it just because you don’t want to do X, Y or Z and you are rebelling?” It may progress to ” Do you need something? Are you hurt, emotionally or physically?” “Is your poor me in charge right now and needs a hug?”

The biofeedback I got from my system was “I NEED TO BE OUTSIDE!” Yeah, my system can be big energy sometimes. That is also why we get along well. Once I realized what the kink in the system was, I was able to assure my emotional self that it was heard and it would get to go out as soon as I had finished sessions and closed up the office for the day. It still pouted but at least I didn’t feel like some part of me was going to go cookabonkers or need an exorcism!

Have you had that back and forth dialogue with yourself? The “I don’t wanna” conversation followed by the “well, you have to” and then often digresses to too many hours flipping through social media and not doing one dang thing you intended to get done or experience that day? Yeah, me too. It happens but having some ideas of how to get out of that ahead of time helps. You’ve got to have a go to plan. You’ve just got to because when the crankies show up, you better have a swiffer ready to dust those puppies!

I will, until it is subzero out, go to the get outside mode. I need the trees, leaves (even in they make me cough), fresh air and sense of limitless energy and beauty to balance out my human self behavior. Nature cleans us off like a swiffer. Have you ever noticed how good you feel after being outside for a period of time? Have you ever connected to the livelihood of nature and just marveled at her amazing self? If you haven’t done it in a bit, you need to get your buns out there. I’m not saying you have to camp for days, hike forever, live off the grid or give up espresso and electricity, but I am suggesting you use the energy of the Earth to help ground you and clean out your auric field which will dissipate some of that mood you’ve got going there.

The swiffer needed for my cranky day!

We’ve gotten soft people. We’ve allowed our cars, houses, remote controlled, climate controlled lives to take out the natural intelligence that was placed there to help us feel connected and not so lost. The universe is a very big place. We are very small in comparison but that doesn’t mean we have to let the fear of feeling small, which often creates the miserableness, take over. If you connect to the vastness, you will feel that in yourself. You will feel possibility and choice. You may be reminded of your amazing soul and how that is like the universe and your human self like the Earth. Meant to work together, be revered and cleaned up by the process of the seasons.

Do yourself a favor this week. When you feel the crankies coming on, check your blood sugar, but then, grab your sensible self and stand outside and take some deep breaths. Let your whole system connect to the vibration of the Earth. FEEL something other than anger, agitation, frustration, entitlement, stubbornness, I could go on but you get the picture. FEEL something amazing. FEEL cleaned off by that breeze or precipitation. You won’t melt for goodness sake. Make sure kids get out there too. They won’t melt either, I promise.

Moods are natural and nature can help shift them. How amazing is that?