Well, goodness, it has been a bit since we’ve chatted blog format, hasn’t it? I figured I would get you caught up to speed in the world of Vicki as well as bring a little challenge for the rest of your summer.

On the home front, I have sold the house Howard and I bought together, decluttered like an organizational maniac, moved to an amazing condo in a renovated school just a smidgen up the road, and this week actually feel settled in the space. Moving seems to be like other hard tasks; we forget just how mentally and physically exhausting it is until we are right in the middle of it. Swearing we will never do it again, until the time to grow and stretch a little gets our attention and then before you know it you are going to Uhaul for boxes!

On the business front, I am busier than a mama duckling with a half dozen babies. (The photo below is the view from my office. How cool is that?) I am so grateful that I get to work with so many of you amazing people. Coaching is in my blood and soul and to be able to do what you feel is your best offering, it indeed a blessing. It is work too, but a blessing of work. I continue to meet dynamic people who want to expand who they are and trust me to help them get there. They keep me hopping and I am excited about where that takes all of us!


I have hired an amazing woman named Tracey who, if you call the office, you will be talking with. She is delightful, efficient and funny! She has been in the business of assisting for years and brings all her knowledge and patience, I hope, to get me even more organized and staying on task! I could work with no other type. Let’s face it, it takes a good sense of humor, and a guiding sense, to work with me. So welcome her with your wonderful kind selves. She has already said what I know to be true that my clients are so nice.

Hiring someone has been on my wishlist for quite a while. I had a hard time letting go of the initial contact with my clients yet know I can’t develop the content and courses I want to if I am answering all the communications. Did you know that when one is active in social media it increases the way someone can get a hold of you by twelve. Yup…twelve places someone can contact for a session. So, it was quite evident that I needed to expand in that direction and to stretch my own ability to let go while striving for where I want to be.

Do you have a hard time stretching when growth is knocking on your head? Can you recognize it when it first knocks or does it take a cosmic 2×4 to get you to pay attention? What are your signs that you may be stretching beyond where you currently are?

  • Do you get cranky more often than you used to?
  • Do you find yourself with a short attention span and frustrated by that?
  • Do you pay more attention to what others are doing than where you are?

I know; it seems odd that these would be symptoms, but they are. Nice to know it isn’t always about a problem but rather a desire, isn’t it? Now, that doesn’t mean you can just sit in this place and use “I’m growing” as a reason to be unpreductive and cranky! It means you can use these feelings to ask yourself what might help them?

  • Am I frustrated because I have grown as a soul and I’m not allowing my human self to join in the fun?
  • Am I avoiding looking at my life and happiness quotient, the real HQ, because I’m afraid I may find truth in things that don’t line up anymore and have to make some changes?
  • Am I focusing on others because my own thoughts and emotions are so confusing I can’t make sense of them?

The more you learn to inquire about your emotions, the closer you will be to that stretch that is soooooo satisfying and brings a contented feeling after.

So, as we attempt to stretch the summer out; why don’t we commit to stretching our own beliefs about growth being difficult, far out there ahead of you and instead begin getting excited about new length, flexibility and knowledge about ourselves?