Have you ever found yourself in the need to POOP? No, not poop, but POOP. Have you ever been so caught up in your own self that you threw yourself a party and needed to Process Out Of Pity? I bet your relieved I wasn’t talking about bowel movements, aren’t you? One never really knows where I am going to go, including myself sometimes, to get a point across! 

Pity is a very low vibrating energy. It’s natural to feel disappointed, to feel frustrated, to be angry to be mad. Also natural. But if you’re throwing a pity party, you are in sympathetic sorrow. Emotions are energy, and have all these different frequencies, as I’ve mentioned before, and if you think of how you feel when you’re in pity and when you’re telling your story, and it’s not an exciting story but rather one where you want other people to feel bad for you. What energy does that feel like? It feels awful. It feels like something’s in the pit of your stomach. And you just, you maybe want to move out of it  but there’s still a little bit of pull to it. A little desire for the drama. 

Sympathetic sorrow is where you’re like that poor person, they experienced this or that poor demographic is held down because of this, and the story you are telling is from decades ago. Pitying is where you feel sorry for others. Why do we want to throw a party except that that whole expression of misery loves company. And some people realllly love their company. Don’t be the company! 

The more we talk about what’s not working in our life, the more you’re going to get. And that’s what happens when you’re in the pity party. When you’re in that space of lamenting about how awful something is, it can’t shift to a new space. It can’t raise and frequencies, to the place of healing or to appreciation of the process.

So, for those of you lamenting that summer is almost over or the kids are growing up too fast  and you’re not ready (newsflash; they are supposed to and if you hold them back they will be living with you when you WANT them to move out.) or how your life can’t be better because of whatever factors you aren’t addressing because you are too busy telling the story of woe; POOP! 

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