There is a measurement for everything it seems. We measure distance, in miles and kilometers. we measure our gravitational pull on the Earth. we measure how much someone loves us by their actions (although this one is VERY tricky territory), we measure square footage to see if a place we want to live is conducive to our happiness and we measure success by a plethora of different standpoints.

It seems we are very interested in categorizing something by how it fits in our lives. Sometimes we even measure where we are today by where we’ve been before. I like this one. One of the things about coaching that is so rewarding is being able to reflect back to the client just how far they’ve come when they can’t see it. It’s a measurement of growth similar to putting your back up against the door frame and having your parents measure your height with a pencil and ruler. How exciting!

Following up on a previous post about procrastination I thought, introducing the idea of measurement into our consciousness would be a good idea too. what I’m talking about measuring though isn’t how tall you’ve grown or if your couch will fit in the new layout for the living room. I’m a particular fan of data and feedback so the other day when I found myself coming up with all kinds of reasons to, yes, procrastinate, I heard myself say “ wow Vicki, your excuse o meter is off the charts today.” That of course became another measurement!

My excuse o meter! The image I had in my head was when you plug in the battery charger and it lets you know how much amperage is pulling and if whatever your charging has reached its optimal level. I love having the backup of my mind’s eye to affirm what my subconscious is grappling with. It’s become a system that essentially does not let me get away with anything. I’m grateful for that. Or in the truth of how you’re behaving, you can shift. It does take a willingness to look at what type of behavior you are engaging in but once the excitement of uncovering “ I’m doing that thing I do again” without judgment, it is both enlightening and invigorating.

So my excuse ohmmeter was pegged right out. it was all the way to the right in the red. I was essentially getting in my own way for the sake of struggle. Whether we realize it or not, there is a part of our psyche that enjoys the struggle. It enjoys the opposition and the challenge 2 feeling aligned and effective. I’m not saying this is the best part of our system but it exists so it’s helpful to know that it’s there and can be looked upon as a mechanism of Truth. I was resisting reaching out and asking those that I’ve known for years and know that they would be willing to help expand the reach of my business services because I’m much more comfortable helping than asking.

One nice thing about the excuse ohmmeter is once you identify that it’s being used and that it’s not serving you and your highest, You can turn that puppy down. Simply wants to be addressed oh, to be considered, and to point out where you still have resistance within yourself. It’s not the bad guy or gal, it simply is. It’s a directional Beacon much like a buoy in the middle of the river. It lets you know this is a low spot and you may want to go around so you don’t scrape the bottom of your boat. You may want to look straight at the excuse and see why it is you’re employing it so you can avoid the discomfort of procrastination and not lining up with who you truly are.

Can you feel when your excuse o meter is being activated? Maybe until now you didn’t know you had such a wonderful tool on board. Would you be willing to look at the fact that you are giving excuses and find a more efficient manner of using your intelligence and your emotions? That’s the beginning place. Being willing to look at it and say, “ Okay, I have excuses on board and I want to discover if they’re valid.”

It can happen that our excuse o meter is triggered and yet its a very valid point our subconscious is trying to make. It takes discernement to be able to acknowledge if something is an excuse, procrastination because you don’t have a plan, or a ‘this is not a good idea’ nudge. All of these things serve a purpose and if that purpose is to have you pay attention to what’s going on inside, well then I say let’s hear from you excuse o meter!

I did look the excuse o meter right in its cute little needle flopping face and say, “thank you for letting me know where I am not allowing myself to prosper, receive help, and grow.” Then I reached out to the people and received the most amazing offers of help. I think when we allow other people to help, we give them the opportunity to feel of service as well. It’s always up to them to say no if it doesn’t work and that would be okay, but not asking because the fear is there that they may say no or you are doubting your own worth, is a very good trigger of the excuse o meter. Look at that meter and help it understand that we aren’t in danger by asking.

What if this week you look at your excuse o meter and began developing a relationship with it so when it speaks to you, you can hear it’s brilliant guidance? What if you gave it the opportunity to help you expand by having pertinent information and then creating a plan to follow through. Eventually the excuse o meter could retire and what a gift that would be to you and it! You can do it. Plan to eliminate the excuse o meter! I’ll join you!