At a point in my life when I was looking for something to help me process through a time that felt like everything was just being held together with grit and spit, I found a technique for flipping to supportive beliefs and habits; it’s called Belief Re-patterning. I use it every day!  I loved it so much I got certified in the technique. Belief Repatterning is something I have discussed in the past but during my recent podcast interview with Suze Casey, she explains exactly what this is.

Suze developed this technique 30 years ago as a way to train the subconscious mind to go to the positive conscious habits while allowing those that are not supportive to slide away. You create a habitual pattern to go to the positive. Of course when you’re raising the vibration through supportive habits, you have the opportunity then to tap into your intelligence, your creativity, your toolkit, and your intuition. Show up as who you truly are because the success is really about how we navigate life. Showcase your best self regardless of what’s going on.

I talk so much about the first sense and how the other five senses need to be blended with it. They all need and want to work together. There is some developing of the intuition, some harnessing of skills to be sure and yet, we still have to apply some effort and tools. Belief Re-patterning is an amazing tool.

Simple steps you can use to get started in repatterning your beliefs:

  • The first step is forgiveness of yourself, not forgiveness of anybody else. An affirmation to try is, “I forgive myself for believing that the way things have been, is the way they have to stay”. Then breathe it in. In through the nose, out through the mouth. What happens with that forgiveness statement is that it opens the door to your learning, which you are wired to do.
  • The second step is permission. It really is about giving yourself permission to try on something new. So it would be something like, “I give myself permission to open up to a new way of being.” Breathe.
  • The third step is choice. You may be feeling that you are stuck in a rut, but put out the feeling of what you want. Choose and believe you have a right to what you want. Choice gets you there! “I choose to integrate supportive habits in my life.”
  • The fourth step is freedom. This is particularly challenging for many people but you can make it a habit and it can become an easy change. “I claim the freedom to be who I really am.I am  __________ (fill in a word would believe or would like to believe about yourself.)”
  • The fifth step is affirmation. Repeat things that you believe. Affirmations need to be true and evoke a feeling. “I remember feeling powerful. I felt it when I (gave that talk, signed up for school, ran that mile, etc.)”
  • The sixth step is surrender where you surrender into your new way. “I claim feeling powerful as my new way of being.”
  • The seventh step is gratitude. Be grateful to yourself for moving forward and remind yourself to be aware of you who are and how far you have come. “I am so grateful to myself for seeking ways to raise my vibration. I give myself this gift each day.”

Let’s start off the new year in celebration and with an intention. Start by asking yourself “how do I want to be this year?”. I recommend setting a daily word of intention and if you can’t do it everyday then try it on most days. Choose a word for how you want to feel in 2020. A lot of people set New Year’s resolutions, but they are set from their deficit. I would suggest starting with your accomplishments. Then see how it feels when you look at those accomplishments. Decide how do you want your year to be and then that becomes your guiding force.

Be kind to yourself, focused, present and commit to re-patterning your beliefs in the New Year.

If you’d like to hear more about this subject, head on over to the podcast (click here) and listen to this week’s episode where Suze and I discuss how to shift how you feel and how to walk into this next year with intention!