I’ve lived a pretty amazing life so far. Sure, there are parts of it where I think “what the hell was my soul thinking when it chose THIS path/experience/family?”, like most of my childhood and child rearing years, but overall it’s been a wonderful learning opportunity. As a soul we believe in the human that we are coming in as and have unwavering faith that the vessel and consciousness will listen to us and carry out the mission. As a human sometimes we can wonder about the sanity of our soul and whether it had a little too much to drink of the spirits (get it? HA!) and shouldn’t have been flying without a license to operate properly.

You see, the soul is always up for an adventure. Come into this life born in a country where opportunity and education don’t exist? Ok, great say some souls, I will do my best to help it come to be or I will align with the country that feels the best for me and go for it. Decide to travel in this lifetime with what we call disability and the soul calls teaching tools? Sure! I can do that because I know the eternal part of me gets a boost and a spiritual high five for choosing so as well as the chance to rock some boats!

Whatever the intention your soul set, I promise you it was for the expansion of you and the ability to see what skills you have and how can you learn more and then apply them. Perhaps this is the first time you are hearing about this arrangement and need a moment for it to sink in. Take that moment and bask in the knowledge that YOU created your plan before you got here so it is up to YOU to rock it.

Ok, have you had your moment? It’s a big concept, I get that, but if you can allow it in, it will bring some peace and hopefully some sense of empowerment that you do have a say in how you live your life and also how you process said lifetime!

So, if your soul set this before you came in and your superconscious human self was aware and agreed to that arrangement, what is your physical presence doing with that? Seriously, what is your brain, gut, heart and all their amazing components doing with the opportunity to be here in the flesh? This is a question I ask myself when I feel the weight of being human happening. It’s not a rah rah call but rather a quiet request of myself to join what is so beautifully set up for me already; my path.

It is also one of the areas I can get the most frustrated with others about. I’ll admit that. So, work to be done there Victoria. I know. I get it. This is me working my human self! It’s always a process. I have had to learn to have patience with each beings process and to trust they really are doing what they can with what they have at the moment. It doesn’t stop me from offering tools, help, advice and a gentle kick in the bum before I hug them, but I am learning. I mean, it is my job after all to provide that and the human taking this soul ride is improving on her skills through the process of helping others.

You do that too. You improve on your skills as a soul by being in the physical world. When you bump into something that is stressful, how do you handle it? Do you lose your cool? Do you stay cool? Do you detach? Do you trust that your soul is there to back you and remind you of the long haul process we are in? Did you just learn you had a soul…ok, we can allow more time for that assimilation. See? Look at how I apply the patience factor there!

How can you connect the dots between your soul’s intention and your physical self? Here are some suggestions:

  • Take a few minutes to acknowledge that you KNOW you have an eternal soul and that you would like to work in cooperation with it. You don’t have to announce it, just take the time to be with that awareness.
  • Feel the relief of not having to get it all done in a short period of time. Like a lifetime. You are eternal. You’ll never get it all done. Relax!
  • Ask yourself where the challenges are for you in this lifetime. What are the lessons that keep smacking you in the head asking you to pay attention? For example, I have to be very mindful about my calendar. I put way too much on it and then wonder why I’m not doing a good job in any one area, never mind several areas. So, balance is my challenge. So to help with that I run, which is basically a balancing act from one foot to the other. I do tree pose A LOT. I maintain an honesty with myself that if I don’t want to do something, like a party, get together, job opportunity, holiday pressure, etc. I don’t. It’s my commitment to my physical self and my soul. After all, I’m traveling with that baby for eternity, we better get along!
  • Use how you feel to connect with the soul intention and bring it into the physical. Your body will tell you if something is not in alignment with your soul. You have to learn to listen to it, but it will tell you through sensations, feelings, vibrations and thoughts. PAY ATTENTION!

These are some of the starter steps to connecting the dots of your soul to your human consciousness. Even if you didn’t know about them before, you do now. What are you going to do with that?