You can’t prove your worth through struggle. It doesn’t work that way. Well, you can try but it would take a lot more effort to struggle than it would to find the less resistant energy and take that route.
The more you struggle with something, the more work that you’re creating. Kind of like being in quicksand, if you get peaceful and calm you’ll actually float to the top. Not that I’ve been in quicksand, but this is what it feels like to me when someone is fighting, fighting, fighting change rather than seeing change as inevitable and going with the flow of that.
Have you ever been involved in a project or relationship where the more you pointed out what wasn’t going well, the more problems showed up? Then when you couldn’t take it anymore, you threw your hands up and said, “I give up.” and they started to change for the better? It is pure energy. What you resists persists. What you fight gets bigger. (Could we get the message to this on any anti campaign  races please? What you are fighting against will always get stronger. Find the flip side and promote that!)
Self worth follows this same pattern, well, technically everything does because it is all energy, but in this case we are talking about how you feel about yourself. The reason it’s called self worth is it is supposed to come from self. So often though, I see people taking on what others have said they are worth and carrying it like they have to struggle to prove them wrong. Ummmm, nope, you could just recognize that what others think of you is none of your business (struggle) and assume the position of what I feel matters most. (worth)
You could continue to try to prove you aren’t what others say you are or you could put that energy into being the best you, YOU want to be. Feel that out and see which one feels like it has struggle energy in it. When you are able to recognize the struggle energy, you can begin to shift immediately. Don’t judge that you are in it, simply acknowledge and float to the top! 
Becoming aware of when you are in your own way and in some cases your own worst enemy, is so vital to shifting belief systems and achieving the life that you would like to have. 
You are worth loving simply because you are you. You don’t have to earn that from anyone nor do you have to prove it to anyone. You deserve to be a happy, healthy, joyful, abundant, intelligent, attractive, funny, gifted, quiet, extroverted, artistic, talented, mismatched sock, pajama wearing, hair messy, totally eating out of the package and loving self! (add any others you want in there that I missed!)
If you don’t start seeing your self worth, who is going to? SELF WORTH! Give it to self people. Be willing to say, yes, I am great, thank you very much. Most of you won’t get such a fat head you won’t be able to fit through the door. You will be fine and you know what? You will become the example for others who aren’t quite there yet and could use help in finding their own self worth. It’s a lot of fun, trust me! 
The choice is always yours, you can continue to struggle and pretend you aren’t wonderful, but why would you? Be radiant, be amazing and for goodness sake, be you and add to the variety of the human species!