One of the things I love most about people is how different we are and yet we have some similar needs. Food, water, air, love, connection and movement being a few of the big ones mentioned when asked about. I feel that among these, play is an important necessity too. Some of the saddest people I have ever worked with usually connect their sadness to another person’s behavior, their health, their past or a myriad of other subjects but rarely do I hear that they are sad because they are not playing. Why? Because it isn’t encouraged after the age of ten all that much and it’s hard to see when you are sad that play would help but the lack of play is probably what contributes to the sadness.

Of course there are times in our lives where playing feels impossible to muster up the energy for. I know I have been there in the past when I “KNOW” I would feel better if I just let myself be silly or bust a gut laughing but my sad manager inside would rather pout or feel sorry for us and doesn’t allow the play to enter in the door.

I feel it is like exercise. People will often say to me they don’t have the energy to exercise and then I respond with well no, because you aren’t exercising. The movement makes you feel like you have the energy to move so the lack of movement is, of course, going to contribute to a feeling of not wanting to move.

So, how do you stop the recycling of excuses? Something has to propel you to move past the initial hesitation and into the “Ok, I’ll give it a try” place. Something has to remind your system that we are indeed here to have fun and to create a life that is a legacy by how it is lived not by the notoriety left behind, selfies included. Something has to reconnect us to the childhood joy of chasing fireflies, playing kickball (I love kickball!), red light green light, riding your bike with no hands or any of the other do it for the joy of it moments. That something can be another person in your life, a tv show, an article you read, your doctor telling you to move your arse or a feeling from within that enough is just not enough any longer.

I prefer it to be the latter but whatever way you get to fun, it is all good!

Why the racetrack reference? Well, I was talking with a longtime client (Thank you for your loyalty!) and we were discussing her husband’s love of the racetrack. My first inclination was to intuitively look and see if there was any addictive energy attached to the event. (Addictive energy is a bit frenetic and can be picked up quite easily once a person learns to decipher energy.) I wasn’t seeing any. What I felt was a joy of the process of racing. There was a beginning, a middle and an end. There was the fun (for some this is fun!) of running the probability of numbers and there was the fact that the horses would go around and around the track. All of this was very comforting to her husbands energy field. That may not be true for all of us but it is to him. How amazing is it that he found something that is play for him for less than most people’s weekly coffee habit! He’s not betting the household budget or endangering anyone when he’s playing at the track. He is filling his own bucket up and releasing stress. Fantastic.

So, where is your racetrack? What do you have in your life that brings joy and adds to the play factor for you? How do you support your inner child so that the adult in you doesn’t lose their marbles and can continue to be a productive, happy, contributing member of the human race?

Why are you waiting to have something like that in your life? Because someone else may think it’s a bad idea? Because you may have to wheeze your way through a few miles, or many miles, until the joy of running catches you? Because you don’t have time? BS to that. We all have time somewhere in our lives for play. We HAVE to. It’s imperative to the happiness of us and the planet.

Take some of that time you say you don’t have and locate your funny bone. Then take that funny bone to create a list of things that would be a way to fill your own bucket. After you do that, actually do a few of the things you came up with. It may take you some time to connect to the memory of play again but I promise you, it is so worth it.

One of the messages I can say for certain is those who have passed and communicated with me are VERY playful. Completely embracing the joy of the nonphysical. Don’t wait to croak to experience that. Bring it into your life now. Locate your racetrack and bring the fun back into your life. Now. Do it now.

A big thank you to my client who suggested this as a blog subject! You know who you are! 🙂