All one has to do is scroll through their social media to see all of the amazing meme’s that are posted. There are ones for every type of emotion, anything you may be going through in life, and even some pretty snarky ones. There is a meme for just about every area of your life and applicable to every pet you own or don’t own.

I have contributed to the supply of meme’s quite a bit over the last few years. I am a big fan of a supportive statement. I appreciate a good affirmation as much as the next person. These words are as powerful as any that you speak out loud or say inside your own head. They can contribute to who you believe yourself to be and they can help suggest a new way of thinking or being in the world.I also understand that they are simply words on a page. It might be a digital page, but it’s still a page.

So, how can I say they are very powerful and then say they are simply words? Well, without some kind of emotion or action on your part they ARE just words. Letters grouped together that make sense when the words are put in order and expressed to us. Ok, some of the ones online have HORRIBLE grammar and punctuation, but one can usually determine the message if astute enough.

Where the challenge comes in is to not just share every time something pops up on your page or to read and pass by but to ask if it resonates with you or not. A meme (pronounced meem but if you want a good laugh, ask my daughter how I thought it was pronounced when I first read it!)  is defined as “an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by non-genetic means, especially imitation.” Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but what if you read what you were about to post, took some time to really feel what it means to you and whether you truly agree or if you are simply following the crowd to be part of a crowd? There are times people share and don’t even check the date of the post that happened years ago so I know there isn’t a lot of tapping into oneself and their beliefs before they share. We’ve become too quick to jump on anything without conscious thought that I felt if we start with the meme, maybe we can bring self connection back into style. Style….that thing that is often influenced by imitation. See! It could work!

What we read, say, think, believe, express, sing, write, etc becomes a part of us. It weaves into the very fabric of who we are. So, when you are posting about yourself being a b*tch, or any of the other less than complimentary memes out there, you are making that part of your subconscious mind and then you wonder why relationships are hard! You just meme’d someone into believing you are that person when rarely do I believe that. Oh, I’ve known some people with poor behavior, but they rarely call themselves out. Those that call themselves out in the posts and memes and surveys are usually dealing with very low self esteem and trying to protect themselves. I get that. I used to have a sarcastic shield that was impressive! Until I realized every time I was trying to protect myself, it was often at the expense of another and I couldn’t live with myself any longer hiding how much I cared with barbed wire! I still have a quick wit, but I try to use it to lift people and myself up rather than diminish.

A meme isn’t enough to express how amazing you are though. Words are not enough. There must be action. There must be intention behind the words and there must be a willingness to LIVE the words. It’s easy to post, share and say “hell yeah!” to a post, but to really live it is harder. I’m wondering if you would be willing to create a meme for where you are in life right now? YOUR OWN MEME, not one that you copy from another or borrow from Pinterest.

If we are going to have them be part of our culture, we should be using them to help us grow. Create your meme. Be honest about where you are, what you would like, what could use adjusting or who you want to be. Once created, in words or pictures, use that as inspiration to connect with you and bring the change you keep hoping for that sharing a post will do. It won’t, so stop sending me the chain posts too!

Action. Action will change things for you. Hoping, wishing, sharing, posting, even praying won’t, action will. Take action today. Now. Go do it!

Then share them with me! I want to see them. You can send me a private message if that feels safer to you. I might ask you what step you are willing to take next, but I can assure you, I will love the effort and the offering.