Spirituality…it’s a big topic. It’s obviously one close to my heart and soul and yours too, I imagine. Spirituality often gets confused because it can get pulled into religion and while all religions incorporate spirituality, spirituality itself can stand alone. It can help you to connect with whatever faith you have within yourself and in the universe. You can be very spiritual without being religious. You can have your religion and be a part of that amazing community and live in a very spiritual space; they are not mutually exclusive. The difference is that religions tend to have set rules where spirituality is more free form. It asks the individual person to learn what they believe in; what matters to them; what is their heart saying?

Spirituality is embracing the knowledge that you are responsible for your own healing. Understanding that you are in charge of and responsible for your own healing can help create a balanced approach to life. Perhaps even to the experience that all is well and life CAN be lived from this place of spiritual wellness.

Spirituality is embracing the life force in everything and respecting vibrations of that life force. When you explore the idea of what is spirituality it can bring a grounding and a solidness to whatever is going on in your world. You might get some clarity by looking at what your beliefs are today. Ask “who do I want to be?” By asking that question it will lead you to your beliefs.

If you feel something is off, then that is good news because it means you’re expanding. Everything we have in life is an experience and a connection to our spiritual self. The act of knowing your own wiring and your own core values can bring a lot of comfort and peace because you know where you’re diving off from. You will also know where to return to if life sends you a bit off kilter. It all cycles around.

So how do you connect with your spirituality? How do you see yourself in relation to your friends, family and to the world?

Do you ever observe yourself in the actual relationship and see if you are behaving in a way that is authentic? If you are looking at your relationships, then decide what you would like to see change, if anything. Think about the type of changes you’d like to see in yourself and then what happens because of those changes.

Spend a few moments describing what is your authentic self; that part of you where no one else is around and you don’t have to put on a façade. Know your truth. This provides the happiness that you feel because you can’t be rocked off your center. Again, the balance of who you really are. It may sound repetitive but it really is the key to enjoying this life. From self awareness, great experiences happen.

It is one thing to consider what spirituality means to you, but try to make it a verb. Can you be the person who actually lives their spiritual practice and feels a connection to the life force that is the universe? Can you be there without having to defend your position? Can you appreciate the courage it takes to be able to say “yep. I life in alignment with my spiritual beliefs and trust others are doing that too.”

A big part of spiritual practice is being able to be kind. Paying attention to your own plate and respecting others beliefs is kind. Talking to yourself in a kind way is also incredibly important and very healthy. How you talk to yourself is how you’re going to talk to others so practice on others and then bring it home to self if that is easier.

Applying spirituality is much more involved than posting a few memes and saying “love and light”. It involves effort. Are you making that effort? Are you doing it for you?

I certainly hope so. It’s so delicious!