Have you ever wondered about your “life purpose”? It is something I get asked about quite often and it’s also something that could use a little clarification. I have seen the pain that this actually brings to a lot of people because of that human condition, well known as the comparison issue.  A lot of the time, we will look at other people and compare what we have accomplished or more often, what we have not and this includes the perception that some just have that life purpose thing all figured out. People will say, “I just want to know what my life purpose is so I can be happy and get on it”. Well, you don’t have to wait.

I have a belief that our life purpose is to arrive in self-acceptance.

Being able to arrive in a place of acceptance of others would take a lot less time than self-acceptance because we have that inner critic. It is in there for a purpose because it does help us to not make a bunch of bad decisions if it’s been trained, but if not managed it can be quite difficult to live with. If each of us is here for self-acceptance, that also means that we are responsible for helping ourselves to get there. No one else can do that job for you. Even though we all have the same life purpose, we all have different journeys. We all have different paths and different experiences that have contributed to the route we are on to arriving into that place of self-acceptance.

The beginning of the year people are more revved up about lining up with themselves and understanding who they are and putting their best effort forth to really connect with their own amazing gifts and uniqueness. Spend some time contemplating that perhaps you are here for self-acceptance and that would make life seem a bit more joyful. Ponder for a moment what can I do, learn, release that will help me to arrive in that space of self-acceptance.

A “calling” is different than a life purpose. People will say, “I had a calling to help the homeless or to bring my music out into the world”. A calling is much like a magnet where somewhere in the universe the other end is calling out to you with your part of the magnet. Pulling you together. Often a calling can be “of service”. It is an external process that can absolutely contribute to your self-acceptance, but it is still about others ultimately. Paying attention to what lights us up and what is joyful for us can be a calling. It doesn’t have to be a high octane calling. And that’s all going to contribute to your life purpose of appreciating who you are and channeling that into acceptance. It sounds easy but it’s not. That is why it can take many, many lifetimes to arrive there.

Your soul self is communicating with your human self and what a wonderful team they make. The more humor we have, the more love we’re going to have, the more experiences of connectedness and the less pressure, anxiety and frustration about being human we will have. The human side brings the ability and our soul is the one that brings the challenge. Look at where your challenges are and see what you have a difficult time with. Is it communication? Is it saving money? Is it acceptance of others or allowing yourself to be loved? Once you recognize it, you could then could embrace the challenge and get to working in collaboration with this whole system. It’s a lot. I know, but somewhere in you is the desire to understand and to apply all this and then to rock being human. I know you can do it!

If your drive has been all about understanding what your life purpose is, and you have this new information, your energy is going to want to go somewhere now that it isn’t fixated on answering the question of “What’s my purpose?”. Perhaps it can go to a place of understanding who you really are rather than being outside of yourself trying to get the seal of approval because you know what your life purpose is. If you’ve been seeking life purpose outside of yourself, what is one thing that you could do today that could bring you closer to a level of self-acceptance? Try this: when you hear doubt come up or when you hear yourself being too judgey of yourself, stop in that moment and acknowledge it then say, “my purpose is to arrive in self- acceptance, for right now, I am going to be kind to myself because that will help me move toward that goal”. Acknowledge that as your act of kindness and eventually that need to put yourself down will lessen. That is a way to actively participate in arriving in self-acceptance and, therefore, life purpose. Anyone else want to put a bada bing, bada boom right here? I thought so! Me too!

Like anything else that may be a new concept, take what resonates and leave the rest. Take some time to ponder and consider what you believe about life purpose, acceptance and callings and arrive in your own knowing. You can do it. You are amazing.

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