It is 2020 and we have arrived in a new decade with quite the impressive energy surge. Energy changes have been going on for as long as the earth has existed. We’ve had energy upgrades, we’ve had coasting times, we’ve had times where it’s downright muddled. The intention of the ENERGY UPDATE for 2020 is not to say this is exactly how it going to go, but to have a little bit of the cliff notes so that you may do whatever it is you want to do with the surging of the energy that’s present.

So every year, just like we grow, and we expand and mature, so does the universe. It is somewhat guided by what we’re contributing, but I do believe there is a knowledge that there is an intelligence to the universe that is guiding us. The universe supports us. It is that hand at the back; it’s not pushing you and it’s not holding you back. We are the only ones who hold ourselves back, but the energy is encouraging us to take that next step, move forward, and try something else.

I’m pretty excited about the energy of 2020. We have to be mindful of being human and of having the physical experience as we blend it with our soul journey. Even if time is an illusion, we have to still participate by the clock and by the calendar. That’s why I love to blend the intuitive development with coaching because one without the other leaves you so unbalanced. You have the skills; it may just take a little bit of awareness about using them or connecting with your common sense. Since last year had a lot to do with becoming aware of the relationships that weren’t serving us, this year will be about putting into place whatever new habits you’ve developed or whatever new intentions you have. Quite simply, it will be about putting it into place. It really all comes down to are you feeling centered in yourself? Do you like who you are? Are you following through on what you say? How is the relationship with yourself? Do you like you?

This year is going to push our heart into expanding, opening up and accepting a different way of thinking. New ways of loving often brings clarity into the situation because with this love is going to come more trusting relationships and collaboration with those who are more lighthearted. This energy frequency that’s happening can encourage you to heal where you didn’t receive love in the past or where you have not loved yourself. Love is always the driving factor and it’s always the thing we’re seeking. I believe if we combine those two, much like the first sense of the five senses, if love is something that becomes a matter of how we are in the world then that will also go out to exponentially help heal others. Some people will not want to go into this energy; they are going to want to stay in their anger. It’s their choice. We can show compassion for their fear too without joining them in it. It really is possible.

So, how do you want to be moving forward in 2020? What kind of person do you want to be? How do you want to open up your heart center? How do you want to see others? Use your forward vision rather than relying on hindsight being 20/20.

One way to help create what you’d like is to write everything you answered down and then preferably burn it, but you can shred it if burning isn’t an option. You’ll do this because you want to release it out into the universe. Do the same process for what you would like to create as this will communicate it to the energy to be supported. While this is a great process, you do have to be willing to do the work since this is not a magic potion that you put out into the air and then all of a sudden everything is granted. To support the energy you should also clear up the clutter in your home, your computer, your head, your phone, your car, your desk, your relationships. If you are not setting goals with this energy you are missing a wave that could carry you forward. Do it!

It’s okay to have a 3, 6 or 9 month plan, but break that down into what you are going to do that month. Because when you reach those accomplishments you will reinforce to your brain that you are capable of doing anything. I like to call them accomplishment points rather than goals. It’s important to strive for something. You can change your mind about any goal, any intention, any desire that you have. Do not cop out. Make sure that you’re grounding through nature because as our energy expands and as the frequency of the entire universe elevates in the way that it is, sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to be physical beings and the surefire way to ground through nature is to get away from technology.

Find your joy, try some new things out! Happy New Year!

P.S. If you’d like a more detailed explanation of this subject, head on over to wherever you listen to podcasts and search for Intuition: Your First Sense. Thank you!