Don’t we just love to love animals? In the animal world they have an intelligence that is greatly underestimated. I believe domestic animals are actually more evolved than we are because we take care of them! They have it figured out.  They are the thing that can bring us peace which is why there are so many therapy and service animals. If you’ve ever been stressed out and your pet jumps on your lap or gives you that look that they understand you, it then feel like you will be okay. I don’t believe that they understand everything, but I do believe that there’s an intelligence and a heart that helps them to connect to the vibrations we are offering and an empathy that is strong.

If we listen to and watch the animals and we are truly connected to them, they will let us know when they are complete. The amazing beings that they are have a spiritual connection to us. I do believe they come into our lives for a reason. We may not necessarily know what that reason is until after the life contract is complete, but there is a frequency and a vibrational role that’s being played out.

If you have an animal that seems to read your mind, you are looking at one that is older and more experienced, meaning that they came back over many lifetimes. When you connect with an animal it often comes through the heart center and comes through a feeling place. This is because their language is intuition. They are very much wired to be in that knowing place and therefore that increases their intuitive abilities. If we could learn to be more like animals we would appreciate more of this universe. They very much live in the moment and we could we could learn from that too.

What is that animal that best represents you? What is that animal, and their characteristics, that could be someone that you look up to or that you aspire to be like? How do you connect with them? Look directly at the animal and do the little squint with your eyes that they do it, it’s about learning their language. Learning to communicate with them means understanding your own abilities as well. It takes practice. It’s about being completely present with whatever animal that you’re working with. This is one of the practices that could help you in your life communicating with humans.

The good news is that everybody has an ability to communicate with the animal kingdom. And the great news is that they want to communicate with us as well. Every time you pet an animal you show kindness. You are investing in an energy exchange and it goes out exponentially into our universe and helps to heal. If you can show some kindness and curiosity and also be present, you can master animal communication.

Think about how you might communicate with your animals right now and how you could use this to bring some humor, levity, and connection in this world.

Think about how forgiving, silly, sweet, independent, individual, active, joyful or snuggly the animals are and how they look to us with such adoring and trusting eyes. What part of you would you like to enhance that those little teachers are showing you is possible? Now go do it!