Self Care

Create a Commitment to Self

Create a relationship where somebody knows you on all levels, can guide you in being accountable to yourself, creating a plan of where you want to be in life, and creating continuity for you and the path you want to walk.


What is the Self Care Package?

The Self Care Package is a either a 6 or 12 month coaching commitment.

Often after a few sessions, clients inquire about how they can setup a session with me on a regular basis. I created the Self Care Package to make it available to those that a lump sum is not possible at this time.

This way allows for planning financially while being able to move forward in a consistent way with the help of Belief Re-patterning, coaching and the intuitive guidance I can offer.

Thank you for making a commitment to yourself to really integrate a shift in beliefs and actions into your life and create what you deserve and desire!

Benefits of the Self Care Package:
  • A choice to invest in self ALWAYS pays off.
  • Use your Self Care Package in person, by phone or by Skype.
  • No need for the lump sum “upfront” payment
  • Receive a guaranteed appointment spot biweekly or monthly with Vicki so your investment has continuity which is where real joy and success comes from.Sessions are typically every other week.
  • Self-care package members receive priority booking.
  • With the Self Care Package, you and I will agree to a time frame of either six or twelve month length.
  • Email support is available at no extra charge during the course of the contract.
Working together as a team makes for a strong self.

I believe we all matter and I want to help you know that too!

I am excited to work with you. ?