Intuitive Group Coaching

Discover And Share Your Journey With Friends

In a group setting, you start to see that people see you differently than you think. You too can start to see yourself differently. Wouldn’t you like to develop your own intuition? Learn how to use your intuition on demand and learn how to REALLY trust you.

What is Intuitive Group Coaching?

In Intuitive group coaching, you come together with a myriad of people. Many of us are not near family, where we grew up, or anything like that.

Group Coaching allows you to see other people ARE going through the same thing. We all think we are the only one experiencing loss or frustration or a lack of confidence or anything else that our inner critic in our head has taught us to believe.

In group coaching, I offer clients access to private facebook groups and follow ups including access to me beyond a scheduled time set.

In the group setting, you start to see that people see you differently, so maybe you can start to see yourself differently. It brings a real sense of homecoming we don’t always have.

Another expectation i would like you to have coming in is openness in exploring your own belief systems. You will be asking of yourself, “how can i grow? What do I want to know? What don’t I know? Can I Admit I don’t know it at all?

These things block us from having the most joyous life we can have.

There’s still going to be things in life, but wouldn’t you like to develop the skill set and the abilty to experience the ups and downs with a knowing that you’ve got a pretty good system in place within you?

If you are signing up for group coaching, know that there is structure, knowledge, and supportive systems in place for you.